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  • Hey slowbalt, I called you the other day about seeing if you could build me a tank. This is almost the exact build im replicating and im wondering if youd be able to take a Glass pack muffler and like you did with your cap it on both end! The bike was done by a fellow motorbicycler and I fell in love with it. Let me know!

    If you go to the bottom on this site the Orange BTR talks about how it only cost $34 to make the insane tank on that-

    Let me know whenever you can
    id like to call you about a tank I need bilt if youre interested....860-857-7896 Bruce
    are you interested? I'd be impressed to see you climb the hills up here at 25mph. I have a 40t also and my 66cc grubee will struggle up most of them but I have to peddle alot with the 50cc. I have some good routes that work around the huge hills and it's beautiful farm country over looking mountains and small villages. There's a camp ground just down the street from me. Give me notice if your interested maybe we could round a few people up.
    I'm on the Sanford/Lebanon line. We have some really nice country riding in my area but you better be geared for hills or be willing to peddle.
    You were correct about my carb running fat. The engine was brand new and running 25 to 1. However it has great torque and rpm. Moved the clip to the top, still runs a little rich. More than likley the jet is large. I am not going to change the jet as the engin has great power. I might swap the carb with another bike and see what changes take place. Anyway thanks for letting me know that I was running fat.

    Jim English
    No but Fletch did .Latest build- Micargi Cheetah 7spd with shift kit - Motorized Bicycle Forum
    hey, did you ever do a build with that micargi cheetah? ive been thinking about it and just wanted some feedback before i get one. i just finished a huntington with a shift kit and a nuvinci 360 and i love it but really need a soft tail before i rattle my brains out.
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