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    Where do you ride?

    On this page it said that a motor-assisted bicycle does not qualify for a registration as a motorcycle, moped or ATV. Are you sure it can be registered? I am selling my bike, looking to go faster for longer distances any way. The guy that wants to buy has the consern about not being able to...
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    representation for motor assisted bicycles?

    I was pulled over by a cop today. He was nice enough. Told me that ANYTHING that has a motor, even the electric scooter you get a small kid, is a motor vehicle. A motor-assisted bicycle does not qualify for registration. ANY vehicle that you can not register you CAN NOT operate on sidewalks...
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    Looking for part

    The sprocket is already running withe the chain inward. I have 2 washers on that side to keep the sprocket from rubbing on the frame as well. I have an alloy wheel that the sprocket bolts into instead of the disk break. The chain was rubbing the frame at the top of the sprocket a little away...
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    Looking for part

    I can repair the frame. With the chain tensioner I can keep them apart and from happening again. Thanks for the tip about tractor supply.
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    Looking for part

    I am looking for a chain tensioning wheel. I need another one so I can keep the chain away from the frame in one spot. The chain has removed some of the tubing. I can fill that in, and I want to keep the chain away from that area.
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    Where do you ride?

    Where abouts in NY? I am in Syracue, and there are a few places that I can point you to if in the CNY area. As for the rules I was told if the vehicle has an engine smaller than 50cc and not faster than 35mph than you are fine. Plus, if you are able to pedal as well then it is another class that...
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    Has any one tryed making a faring?

    No it's to cut down on wind restance. Maybe be able to go a little faster. I have had no troubles with the cops and I have been by plenty of them, some just looking for some one to mess up.
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    Has any one tryed making a faring?

    I would like to make one. I have several ideas, but I thought I would see if any has done one already. Learn form others mistakes, or things that you would do differently.
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    skill index for members who need help

    I can do alot. I can use my friends blacksmithing shop any time I want. Forge, tourch(2 sizes), arc welder, drill press, belt sander, angel grinder. At my work I can polish to a mirror finsh. I work with steel, brass, stainless steel, silver, gold. Not alot of experince with allum. I might be...
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    Brakes! How are yours?

    I was some what of an moron. I purchesed a bike that was set up for the size just bigger than the 26" alloys I knew I was going to get to make it more stable. Great part the sproket bolts right in, bad part smaller wheels means I can't use the breaks it came with. V brakes would be on the tires...
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    Did You Know?

    I had a guy in an SUV turn right, right in front of me. I did not have enough time to brake. My front tire went infront of his back tire. He went right over mine. I was flung over the handle bars and scraped my palm and rolded over onto my back. No gloves, or helmet, but a really good leather...
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    Where do you carry your spare gasoline.

    Where did you find a 1 gallon tank? I've been looking for one.
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    helmet anyone?

    After an suv ran me over and all I got was 4 little scraches on my right palm, I got a bike helmet, and then a non-DOT carbon fiber extended half. I realy like it and I don't feel as silly as in the bike helmet. I never where one when just biking.
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    Hi all, new to forum.

    I am useing the small black lawn mower style muffler that it came with. I made a pipe to direct the exaust away from the frame. I welded some copper plumming parts together as the pipe. It's not that loud, but I am sure quieter with the other muffler that came with the kit. I will have to modify...
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    User name meaning?

    The pic I have for me is a life size silver rose, I made out of one piece of silver. I also make all sorts of jewelery, if you need some thing please feel free to ask.