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  • Biturbos are sold. You can't get a dual lever like this one (heavy duty) for $10. The two screw-on mufflers are chrome. I can ship who kit and caboodle for $50(shipping will be $15). Paypal is [email protected] As soon as I get notice of payment, I will ship.
    Garage sale interest.
    Kit muffler with screw on pipe connector(Is this what kits come standard with? Black or chrome?)
    Steel black adjustable side kick stand
    Aluminum dual brake lever $20 free ship(can get new for $10 can you come down?)
    Adjustable mount for HS engine(can I get pics? Would this help mounting onto a micargi mustang?)
    Biturbo Expansion Chamber w/silencer $50, free ship(will this fit on a standard gasbike engine?)
    Assuming I'm a go ahead with it all what kind of price break could I get for the whole Kit and kaboodle shipped?
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