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    Long distance travel?

    I commute to work round trip 50 miles I do it about once a week for the past few years. I had a Issue with my car and used the bike every day for about 10 days it has a standard 66cc 2 stroke fitted no problems.
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    Clutch cable

    I had a bicycle brake cable so it sorted now. It broke where is it routed through the spacer at the engine I'm thinking that it needs a slight adjustment so now to have the cable rubbing I'll look at it in more detail tonight.
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    Clutch cable

    My clutch cable broke going to work today, never had the problem it's a standard 66cc kit should I get a stronger cable or just the same ? probably If i buy one from a bicycle shop it might just be better quality. If it happens again going to work is there any "quick" way of fixing it or just...
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    engine missing a beat every 10 seconds

    You might be right because my chain broke last week. I was missing the small lock that slights into each pin on the chain I'm not sure how it was lost maybe the chain is rubbing or not lines up properly. I have a steep hill not too beside me I'll get the chain sorted and see if I can feel the...
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    engine missing a beat every 10 seconds

    Would it be an electrical Issue ? If so how could I test it ?
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    engine missing a beat every 10 seconds

    The engine has done about 50 miles. It's hard to put into words It's like something is catching for a split second every 10-15 seconds and then frees it self again.
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    engine missing a beat every 10 seconds

    my 2 stroke takes full power no problem but every 10 seconds or so it seems to miss a beat. The bike kicks a little every time. I'm thinking it could be the Carb, spark plug or the plug lead. I think I'll start with the plug and go from there. Has anyone else had this type of problem ?
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    Jack Kit

    I'm looking at getting a jack kit for my 80cc 2 stroke built on a mountain bike. 1. where is the best place to buy the full kit ? 2. what's the appx cost ? 3. What's the best/standard Gearing on the bike ? 4. Does it make the bike go faster ? 5. Is it worth putting a kit on or just use a...
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    34 tooth sproket

    I have gone back to a 2 stroke engine as my 4 stroke was not up to the task of pulling me up hill around my area even on the flat I have to cycle to help it along. So I've gone back to 80cc 2 stroke engine just ran in with the standard 44 tooth sprocket. I have a 34 tooth sprocket I was...
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    Main Gearing Whine

    Where did you get the engine from ? I bought one from the UK and sold it recently and I bought a 4 stroke, I'm hoping to pick up a 2 stroke so I have the best of both. Shey Co. Louth. Ireland
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    Anyone thought about a diesel bike?

    Over the side of the pond we use different colours of Diesel. Green for farm macherery and it's 2/3 the price of white dur to the Tax rate been different. What about trying to mod a small diesel motor first ??? and then I could get to work on the green stuff !!!
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    4 stroke clutch slipping

    Do I have to give it time for the clutch "bed" in ?
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    4 stroke clutch slipping

    I had a 2 stroke 66cc and sold it I bought a 4 stroke kit I'v put on 40ish Miles on the engine now but I feel that the clutch is slipping. Is this normal ? I always peddle to get it up to speed anyway but it will not move from a stopped position when I get up to top speed it seem to rev high...
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    Magneto problems

    I have the same problem, New kit a few week ago maybe 20 -30 miles on the clock. No spark. I took the plug out and held it against the engine peddled the bike with the clutch out. I changed the coil still no joy I now waiting on a new Magneto. Hopefully that will solve the problem.
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    Greetings from Ireland

    Where are you based ? I live in Co Louth ( north east of Ireland for all you living outside Ireland ) had been on motorised bikes a few years now and in all type's of weather.