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    Fuel line recommendation

    I use tygon. I've used it for years and it years already.
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    Redbox Racer post build build thread

    You'll like the SHA clone, the jets are the same as the Italian brother and the filters fit as well. For more top end try a 41 or 40 tooth sprocket. You can still climb hills.
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    First build

    Mzmiami on ebay I'm guessing
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    road bike mashup

    54 will do wheelies and climb mountains. Would try a 48 first. It might not seem like much but only a few teeth make a huge difference. 16-1 break in is too much oil. 24-2 for the first two tanks then 32-1 after that. Personally I use 91 octane and Opti 2 at 70-1 but that's me. The engine...
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    Runnermike's Dyno Build

    Glad you're still with us buddy
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    Texas Riding Blog

    Very interesting
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    Texas Riding Blog

    One of the reasons why I brought my bike to TX with me was the leniency here. I've heard of people who are riding motopeds and whizzers here without being bothered
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    47.6mm sleeve project China Doll

    Good work Oscar
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    Texas Riding Blog

    I wish they were more popular here
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    First build - the journey begins

    I moved to TX right after I posted those pictures and shipped my bike to TX with me. In transit the forks were damaged and I didn't notice right away, so I couldn't blame UPS and had to eat it. I eventually got new forks cnc front/ rear mounts and after some problems with old gas and stupid...
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    what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

    Keeping my clutch nice and cool
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    Texas Riding Blog

    I'm here in Tyler now, got my bike tunning again. I seen a guy in Longview selling bikes on CL but I never met him. Anyone in Tyler to ride with?
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    Anyone Running The New Grubee 66cc Yet

    You could have gotten the engine only for $50 less
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    Bike won't start after winter

    Sorry to be a necroposter but I had a gallon of gas mixed with opti 2 from early summer and I just got my bike going. Fired right up after I got some other bugs resolved. Thebgas seems to run fine but I might be lacking power. Don't know if I'm just expecting too kuch out of a rebuilt top end of...