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  • We are located in victorville give us a call and we can go from there. 661 341 0192 Dan
    Hey man good looking bikes... Where in Cali are you ? I built a schwin spoiler but not to happy with a few things on it so im looking to get a stronger motor and a few other upgrades how much do you charge
    did u move that ground wire yet. and also check your wires from the mag to the cdi if you have the kill switch wired disconnect it for now
    ay rat bike gotta a problem and dont know wut it is im jus not gettin anything jus got a new spark p ,carb etc. reasembled everything and im gettin the same thing no kick over jus pushing the engine thats all im doin
    well on cleaning the engine out this is what i did i let it sit upside down for a day and then to make sure it was all out i put a lighter to it i know its crazy as **** but after it sat for a day the lighter didnt even do any thing i was just checking to see if there was any more fuel in it but if you do that your on your own i dont recommend it cause it could catch fire PEACE OUT RAT BIKE
    ay ratbike thnx for ur input heres an update on wut im about to do . I bought an NT carb from thatsdax.com and sum other parts i knew I needed for sure , I plan on disassembling the engine and clean everything out .Which reminds me do you have any idea on how to really clean out the engine so I can get a fresh cycle of mixture . I am hoping that all will go back in place and things work as they should I can take pics and post play by play . agian thnx for the pointer and oh by the way I had pulled off the magnet and the seal was out and so i pushed it back in thnx agian and until nxt time be well
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