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    road bike mashup

    Always pedal to start moving -- this ensures a long clutch life...
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    Need to check this out

    This is so awesome , you need to see it...
  3. Roadmaster-Rocket  still riding strong

    Roadmaster-Rocket still riding strong

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    what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

    Replaced my motor drive chain , the kit chain finally gave out after 5,825 miles . Over my holiday break , I installed two hand built 26" wheels with 12 ga. spokes and a front disk brake ...
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    Happy new years

    Happy New Years !
  6. Hand built 26" front disk wheel , 12 ga. spokes

    Hand built 26" front disk wheel , 12 ga. spokes

  7. 26" wheel with Avid brake cal.

    26" wheel with Avid brake cal.

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    Springer Fork Question

    yes . there is a hole for a caliper brake...
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    Sprocket clamps

    you do need the clamps , just washers will not work......
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    New Build, relatively new to the Forum...a few questions (Pic heavy)

    looks good , don't see why the cdi would have any issues in the given location , should be fine....
  11. Repaired Rear Studs

    Repaired Rear Studs

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    the 66 C.C. Armored division

    Nice , I like it , great work ...
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    Sprocket Adapter slippage

    Well at least returned back to your starting point. looks like you need a wheel. might try looking at these .
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    Predator engine spews oil

    It might help , to post some pictures ,to see how vertical your motor is ...