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  • Hey i was looking @ u pictures I noticed u using a 3/4 copper elbow on intake good idea I trydout a z intake it was so far off level bike wouldn't run I'm going 2 try your setup so I can use my big air filter on my Runtong. Thanks I didn't realize it was 3/4 till I seen yours.;)
    I hope to get some pictures up of my bikes but I don't have a camera device at the moment lol I'm stick with an iPod Touch 2G jailbroken. It's good, just doesn't have a camera. But don't worry, when I get a chance, I'll put up as many photos as I can, but it'll probably be after I get the new springer forks for my Huffy. I do have a picture of the 80cc on my dads Elite on my iPod 4G. I'll post it soon.
    Get this P.T. - I get a package in the mail from Kings Sales and Service over the weekend containing 2 44t. sprockets One to fit a Top Hat another to fit a manic... WHAT TA HECK??? Pay Pal reimbursed me almost 2 weeks ago! All right now I'm still not done with this guy!!! Can you believe it? I gotta do the right thing and send back the one for Top Hat. I'll keep the Manic Mech. one although I don't need it. Now to figure out payment. Hmmm. $59 for the Kings sprocket I keep minus $5 for shipping back the one I don't minus $50 for what I paid Jake for an overnight sprocket delivery leaves $4 OK $1 dollar a week for 4 weeks of NO COMMUNICATION! That pretty much makes it even. So I'll send back the sprocket I will not use and call it good. What do you think P.T.? That the right thing to do?
    NO. Pay Pal reimbersed my account tho. Kings are *******s. Tied my money up for along time. Talked to him twice couldn't answer the simplest question (Where is it?) The cell ph connection sucked! And he only wanted to talk about his computers which are down. I couldn't understand most of his speak. He wouldn't shut up-told me to call the next day, then he avoided/never answered my call or e-mails. for the following 2 weeks. I was fit to be tied for a little while over it. Jake @ Jakes told me he may be somewhat of a "Rain Man" a genious with a CNC Mach. But an idiot otherwise. I dunno. Somebody should be watching him. I got my money back all is well.
    I ordered a Sprocket from Kings Sales and Service, paid with a courtesy PayPal account July 11th. heard nothing from this guy Andy. Called/e-mailed many times. nothin back-**** of a way to do business when the word "SERVICE " is in your co. name. THEN, I thought I sheared the woodruff key on the sprocket side of the clutch shaft when in fact the key did not shear, instead it scooped out a little half moon of metal from the shaft itself. Why does this crap happen? Any way- as an experiment I Filled the scooped out portion with an adhesive called Q-Bond and stuck the woodruff key back in place, let it harden, filed off the excess, slid the sprocket back on and took it for a spin. Got about 3 miles away when somehow the piston pin-clip worked its way out and got consumed by the engine......Q-Bond held for that short ride. Engine now junk..... So that explains my exasperation on the chat board yesterday. I like Crassius - sometimes me sits and thinks - sometimes me just sits.
    Ty fer the warm welcome, and plz'd to make ur acquaintance! I don't have an engine yet...I guess as a noob, a noob question SO VERY often asked, yet still with no definitive answer...my budget is $200, and i have a bike alrdy:Schwinn MTB needin small modifications, but otherwise fine...
    bikeberry/spooky tooth. com's kit for $179.99 with so-called upgraded "speed carb", claiming 4-5hp, its a Flying Horse Silver Angle basically $205 after shipping, and maybe a coil -aftermarket, dual brake-cable lever and misc stuff when i get funds...honestly its the best i can afford atm, any "pro" opinions on cruising "gently", maybe 20 miles a day? On a light-duty engine, i know, i know... Not max revved or such.... (well, 20 mi. per trip, maybe 2-4x a week...like i said, ima ride 'er gentle-like):-||
    Did ya see the mostly finished product? I posted a pic today and a brief install summary on the intro thread.
    Hey P.T. I've been riding - probly shouldn't be. No probs shoulder don't bother. The thought of getting hit and hurt is always there. Makes me more careful. Sounds like your motor build will give max performance results. I'm anxious to build another as soon as I can take the money to do so. I just sold the Gold bike without even trying. Had to put the money in my truck. money is insanely tight right now with medical bills due. SUCKS getting older - Fragile - mortal (and broke). Thanks for the line. Ya gotta let me know how the motor build turns out. Post some build pics if not too late. catch ya later. Be Safe!
    hello friend, I am new to this forum. I purchased a power king 80cc kit from amazon, put it together with friends and drove it around. IT ran ok 10mile and then it dies on me and we have brainstormed on all the visible problems. nothing is working. We have thinned out the oil to gas to probably 20:1 i think........ we checked the carb several times, the electric wires are fine. spark plug is fine the boot had to be changed. we have been working on this for the last 5 weekends. It is sooo frustrating. IT starts up and dies. each time we change something it seems like there is an improvement then we are back to square one!!!!! HELP PLEASE
    A new season is upon us. Hows your riding? Hows your bike holding up? I had surgery in Jan (torn rotator cuff in shoulder) healing excellent. Could ride now daily but my ride starts before sunrise and potholes seem to be developing everywhere overnight. April showers bring May flowers or so they say- I am looking for somthing to build soon. Catch ya later .
    hay thanks for the friend request sorry about the late response. I would love to hear more about your experience with the kits. Anyways hope to hear from you soon!
    hello powertool, thanks for the request. I can't decide what i like more, your shop or your bike. It's obvious that a lot of time went into both. The monark forks are old style repro's. All of the factory (spot) welds were re-done with a tig welder to ensure that the forks would hold up to MB use.
    Thx Powertool. IM flattered. Generally do not follow folks on the forum, but U can't have 2 many friends. I'll look U up and follow up......

    Uh, thanks for the friend request (I didn't know I could add friends like on Facebook). You wouldn't happen to know where I could find a bike kit in Ecuador, eh? I can't have one shipped to me because the taxes and tariffs are crazy here.
    hey thanks .was a Chinese (Z-Star w/ Loncin 110 engine)pit bike that I merged w/ a supercycle rear end and various downhill components Marzocchi fork etc. quite a mish-mash haha
    Happy Holidays Powertool and thank you for the friend request. I'm still new to this forum thing so I'm not sure how to return the compliment. I'll add a picture of my bike at in the next few days. It's a second hand cruiser I got off craigslist up here in the high desert of Ca.(Victorville). I use it as a daily driver to work and back so I've pretty much left it stock. I did put a Torquer II pipe from Arrow on and I would highly recomend it to others. It took a little fitting because my frame is a little closer to the engine than the one in the picture on his website but once in place it ran terrific w/o any jetting changes required. I may upgrade my carb in the future but for now I think I'll play it safe and leave her alone, she's running pretty sweet. Idles nice, plenty of low end and it'll rev till it makes me uncomfortable. Time to go and revisit the world of reality, I'll add more later when I have picture of my bike uploaded to my computer and I can post it.
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