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    SoCal Motorized Bicycle Race March 29th, 30th

    Ya'll can't handle ME you little motorized bicycle Street Rossi's!! Who wants a piece of me?!! reddd
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    Bike starts up as if it ant to start!

    This is a case of........ if it ain't broke don't fix it!
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    Something new

    I've seen this dude's 2 stroke projects....... he's no effin' joke. The guy knows a lot about 2 stroke motors, go check his awesome builds if you have time. Even has a dyno that he build too!
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    What do you goons use for......

    What do you guys use to record your riding adventures? I think the way to go is a pair of camera glasses! If you are on a budget, you can get a pair of Excelvan 720p sunglasses for only around $20 and some change on Ebay or Amazon, though their field of view is pretty narrow. But if you have...
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    What?!! No longer selling Chinese motors on Ebay?!!

    How weird, now they are popping up everywhere like zits on a teenager going through puberty. Scared me for a moment, now I need to stock up on these awesome little 2 stroke beasts just in case!! Long live 2 strokers!! 2 strokers for you, 2 strokers for me! 2 strokers for folks who live in...
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    What?!! No longer selling Chinese motors on Ebay?!!

    Am I seeing things (not seeing things, actually) or did Ebay stop the selling of these Chinese motors on Ebay?! And when the **** did this happen and why?
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    Engine not starting, despite good spark

    Sounds like your fuel mixture is wrong...... most likely running too rich. Also make sure to tighten your head down so you can get good compression.
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    new to motorized bike building

    Guys.... if you have beach cruisers with fenders, either take them off the bike or reinforce them before they break apart and kill you! Search up on this site before it's too late.
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    Don't they have aftermarket valve springs available? That would help with floating valves and increase RPM thus increasing speed. Look for aftermarket rods too, these 2 combo with definitely help you on your way to achieving light speed.
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    my adventure begins

    I'd get a 2 stroke China beast, it's not that big of a hassle to mix oil into fuel. Plus for under $100 a kit............ oooh-wee, sign me up!
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    Motor Got Stuck.....

    So, about 2 months while riding my awesome Chinese powered beast..... the stupid carburetor came loose and the motor locked on me! So, I opened up the motor and noticed the head and piston was fine. I then turned the motor over with a ratchet onto the bolt of the chain drive and luckily it...
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    Just wiped out.

    It was a nice afternoon today, sun is out...... birds chirping away their love songs in order to entice mates, the cool breeze all around whispering to me in my ears to get out there and live life, so I figure, why not go for a ride on this joyous day! Put on my favorite shirt in case I might...
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    First start not starting!

    A pic will help for sure. :)
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    Serious Mag Wheel FAILURE.

    I've always wondered about these mag wheels as I too have problems with spoke wheels going untrue and breaking apart! So.... is it because you over-abused these wheels that made them fail on you? Or do you think that they just don't hold up well overall?
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    Looking for great performance parts for an Arrow 7hp Big Block

    Scooterduder..... you should have build your own motor and got a faster motor than that at a fraction of what you paid for. But as with all things, when you're not able to do it yourself, others will charge an arm and a leg for the service. But screw that though, they didn't even send you the...