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    Unused modded 212cc engine

    Lol I wish I could afford to hand these motors out! Got anything good to trade? After looking it up, it doesn't seem as crazy as I first thought... Might have to look into the cost more but thanks for the idea!
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    Unused modded 212cc engine

    I have an upgraded 212cc engine that didn't pan out with a motorbike project. I have no idea what to do with it. Anyone have any ideas what I should do with this thing? Its one **** of a paper weight... (Mod 2 cam, 18lbs springs, cnc connecting rod, cnc fly wheel, governor removal, bored carb)...
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    212cc build!

    Thanks for the replys everyone. I have ordered a jackshaft so solve the gearing issue. As for the frame, I'll get a new one. I knew cutting the frame was risky but I didn't think it would be as big of a deal as everyone is saying it is. I definitely screwed myself over but oh well, its a...
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    212cc build!

    I would love to ride this bike legally on the streets, but I don't know Montana's laws in regards to this. More research is required. As for the gear ratio, you are right I need to find a larger rear sprocket. I was thinking of a 58 tooth gear.
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    212cc build!

    I probably could have put a shorter cover on, but I never occurred to me to look! Oh well too late now.
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    212cc build!

    Hey folks, its been awhile since I've been on the forums but I have some news! After selling my motorcycle I started a new motorbike project! My other builds were with the China Girl 2 strokes and I wanted to move up in the world so I decided on a Predator 212cc engine. My friend and I went...
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    Concern about Legality in California

    If its not too late doubt any cop would pull you over. If it were 12 or 1 am then you are asking for it. Besides all you have to say is that you are heading home and they shouldn't give you trouble.
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    Experimenting with exhuast and Expansion Chamber s...

    If you ever make a new one, you should create a slide exhaust. Get some serious power going...
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    CNS High Performance Carburetor

    Either go with the SHA clone or a Walbro Carb.
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    What size combustion chamber fred head should I get?

    I would say do it. If the compression gets to high, just add a couple of aluminum head gaskets. Make sure you get a compression tester too, I got one on Amazon for $30.
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    Whizzer Piston

    Beautiful, just beautiful.
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    Concern about Legality in California

    I live in Sacramento and I rode my motorbike for three years almost everyday to work and school. I was 18-19 at the time and did not have a class M. I have been stopped by the cops once but I just talked to them about the upgrades and the work on the motor I had done. They thought it was neat...
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    Creative piston repair

    Wow, that is something you don't see everyday.
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    due to snow motorbiking is now fun

    You've gotta post some pics!
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    tips for getting mounts flush

    Get/Make the 'U' Clamp for the front. Its worth it.