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    Another Schwinn straight bar build

    I need a set of those motorbike gastank stickers. whered ya get them?
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    finally getting it together

    I give up heres a link to my build log on facebook I cut the rear triangles and gave the frame about 6 more inches in total wheel base
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    finally getting it together

    So about 2 years? ago I think I had labrat pick me up a frame for a turn of the century style build. It's been a slow process and I even built it once so I'd have something to ride around on, but it had no style. Here recently I've had the drive to go and do the things I wanted to the frame...
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    49cc 4-stroke manifolds for NT carbs!

    Just ordered one. Cant wait to try it out!.shft.
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    BikeBobber Engine Mount Clamps

    This makes me want to build another china girl! I've book marked your web page good sir...
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    cheapish muffler mod

    I cut my stock muffler with the intentions of doing this but was scared the heat would melt the rubber. Guess where Im headed now? Autozone for some heater hose :D
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    Back to the Future

    where did you hide the flux capacitor and the uranium port to generate the 1.21 giga watts you need to open the void at 88mph to send you back through time?
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    my first Worksman build, full retro

    I have a pre war Hawthorne with a similar frame style that I’m going to do pretty much the same thing on, except it will be a cruise not a BTR.
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    Need help with gas tank design.....For all

    if you could make it of the same plastic used in the red gas containers I may be interested, they seem to hold up pretty good. If it would be cost effective for yourself and the consumer I would suggest doing custom tanks, where as I (the consumer) would send you an out line of the opening and...
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    Modern BoardTrack Racer Builds by CulverCityClassic

    ok... I'm glad you are not putting a $200 engine kit on a $1400 frame. to each his own but I've seen bikes that someone put alot of work in on with paint design and other custom add on's and then turn around a put a dime a dozen engine on it... just a pet peeve of mine. BUT HEY! were talking...
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    What happen with piston bikes?

    being someone that works with the public and expected to be at peoples houses at a certain time, I can understand that sometimes things happen that there is just no getting around. And sometimes you gotta let something go till the next day. And when you work with other people wires get crossed...
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    what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

    Re: what did you do to your motor bike today? It took me quite a few months to get this bike put together, due to various things, I didn't just want to slap on an engine kit and call it a mobike. I wanted to do something awesome like a custom built 12 volt lighting assem. complete with brake...
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    What good thing happened while you were at work today?

    About a week or so ago LabRat hooked me up with a very nice prewar rollfast frame and a set of monarch forks.I had been waiting like a kid waiting on Christmas for it to come in. A little more than a week had passed and according to UPS it was getting close. Krisi, my wife called me at work and...