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    What cruiser is best for the predator 212?

    I would search for a cruiser with a 1 & 1/8 headset, larger options of front forks. Favorite frame is the felt slant also
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    Predator 212 Cruiser build. "Katana"

    Or you can incorporate a jack shaft disk brake, i think you can small disk rotors online as small as 140mm or 120mm and use a sprocket adapter sold by AGK under their jack shaft section.
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    212cc Predator Build on Felt Slant

    UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE ! I had a brief couple of days of no work before school started to get this bike going. Still has some kinks like needing a new clutch, exhaust support, fuel starve issue, and getting the right gear ratio. But this is one mean bike .duh.
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    3+ speed automatic jackshaft idea

    Subscribed. Maybe one day I'll see you around and get to see it in person
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    Predator engine spews oil

    To much oil. Your only supposed to fill to where the crank is, that's where the engine splasher is at. The plastic hear is not timing, that the governor gear which I recommend removing cause the fail at higher revs. Plus if ur filling up that high that's essentially the whole crank case with...
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    99cc Felt Slant build for Sale New craigslist ad
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    99cc Felt Slant build for Sale

    Still for sale at the moment. Lost track of original hours but im guessing around 60hrs Not getting out the game, just making room. Im almost finished building my 212cc bike. Its turning out to be a beast
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    212cc Predator Build on Felt Slant

    It's a heavy duty 4 stroke mount that you can buy for the 49cc hs that I drilled to accept the 212 and gring here and there to accept the angle so that the engine would clear the frame. I'm on summer brake so I've been working on the bike for a while. I'll post some updates sometime this week...
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    99cc Felt Slant build for Sale

    Check out my Craigslist add reply to me with any question or input on price Offers are welcomed as i need money for my other build and bills
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    212cc Predator Build on Felt Slant

    I have been lurking for a while and haven't posted anything new. My 99cc predator has been running good besides being hard starting in the mornings, i think it needs a good carb cleaning. But a few months ago someone sold me a cheap 212cc predator that they tried to mount on a small go ped but...
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    just bought a boxer motorized bike, what is is??

    i had one for a while, wished i kept, it was a really nice bike to ride around. You got a decent price if its not to beat up. look up morini franco usa or something like that, they had rebuild kits and other misc stuff. Stock clutch is crap, most people upgrade it but i would ask easy rider for...
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    212cc Questions and info needed!

    I'm in the process of building a 212 as well. I was reading up that changing the valves for oem Honda valves and milling the head or using a thinner head gasket helps bump up compression, better bottom end torque.
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    Springer front end issue

    I wouldn't recommend those type of springer forks for motorized bicycle applications. They are to flimsy in my opinion and have alot of side to side play while riding. Monarch forks are a stronger option and look better
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    New biker here from San Jose

    Welcome to the site Maybe we will see each other riding around. Good luck with your build One recommendation is to get some kind of sprocket adapter other than the rag joint
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    Industrial 4 stroke engines follow ups

    Sorry should of said as in the engine mounted with the engine head being vertical