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    A bunch of MB parts for sale

    2 new pistons 15/16" to top of pin hole 2 sets and 1 spare piston rings 1 new style cdi 1 new and 1 used cdi both work New and complete honda dio intake with 2 dif styles of reeds, I believe it might have been Naruku brand. SBP exhaust manifold-used 5 exhaust gaskets New 38mm short rod crank...
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    Silicone rubber magneto gasket

    For a long term quality alternative for creating a waterproof gasket check it out.
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    full throttle holding back

    Pipe geometry and primary header length play a big part as well. I hit a wall at 6500 rpm than it can break through eventually and run to 8600 and beyond but it is not what I want...
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    CDHpower head review

    Yup but their is always tolerances in machining and the chinese are not always on spec agreed?
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    CDHpower head review

    I will but squish is always dependent on a case by case setup due to machining tolerances.I am going to the dark side on a Minarelli hybrid....
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    CDHpower head review

    Got around to checking the rectangular head out, as a professional machinist and a mb enthusiast I will share a few thoughts. Head is beautiful, It comes in both black and silver, foam bagged and a cardboard box. A few areas need a little extra deburring around fins. Checked for sharp edges in...
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    Super cdi not working

    Oh crap sorry man I for some reason was thinking magneto lol. Well if no spark no work.sorry for misunderstanding. I have spare regular cdi's I am selling cheap if you are stuck.
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    Super cdi not working

    To bench check a cdi you require a multimeter and st it on ohms. I just got a super cdi and being an ex motorcycle mechanic among other trades first thing I do is check electrical components I purchase. Connect meter between red and black wire. No resistance= no good.... BTW mine came with...
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    dio reed porting results

    I forgot to mention I am doing a minnareli cylinder.
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    dio reed porting results

    I will be doing a dio conversion this fall once all parts come in stay tuned.
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    Are CDH Power performance heads any good?

    I just got the square head in this week, I will be posting a full complete review soon.
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    Simple Crank Balance Method

    I watched it too. Like when people share info.
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    Ahhhh good to be back!

    7 long years with life, good to be back
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    Rail bike conversion finally finished w/pics

    Sorry It was custom machined by myself.
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    Question for the gurus on intake manifold issues!

    ok I will keep this in mind thanks for the info! Cheers.