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  • Me motivated too! Wife gets irritated when I hang around too much. So do I. I started build #15 An inexpensive mountain bike. Disc Frnt and rear. I'm so hoping I get the Top Hat sprocket adapter from Kings Sales and Service. I've dealt with him before whole deal was a fail! All good ... no money lost but money was tied up for almost 3 mnths. Hopefully he will redeem himself. So Your doing an engine and I'm doing a bike prep to stay away from the wife til June or so. We stay in touch.
    Hello Moto,
    Hope you got sheet metal screws in your tires this weather is pretty intense lately. But you know this is typical Maine. Winters cycle like summers, some are hotter, colder, rainier and snowier than others. Thought Id stop in and say hello.
    Hey Joe, sorry for the slow reply, been busy lately so not logging in much. I'm down in Richmond which is about 20 minutes south of Augusta. Haven't been riding much since I broke a bunch of toes a month ago, and now with the snow looks like I'll be parking my bike for winter! Looks like we're starting to get a good contingent of us here in maine now on the forum.
    welcome to the forum. Looks like you, me, barelyawake and A.graham are holding all the pieces up here in the upper right hand corner. We stick together thru this period of life it will be fun and worthwhile. Just remember above all else use your common sense- yankee enginuity and be safe. i'll be watching for your posts. Feel free to ask me anytime-anything if I can help I will. If I cannot we figure it together. This forum is excellent! Use and practice the search feature. You will be amazed how much you will learn in short time. Again -- be safe -- My experience over the past 4 years has been awesome. saved hundreds in gasoline costs. Police leave you alone as long as you use hand signals, wear a helmet and keep right wherever you can. Good Luck Maniac and be safe!
    I saw the post where you want to motorize your bike. I would recomend just using the bike as is. Making changes to frames and fork's can be dangerous!
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