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  • Hi.. I saw your "heavy rider" advice. I am 270lbs. Need to pedal to lose weight. Is there a shop that can do the porting and stuff? Is there someone I can just send the engine to? thanks, David
    hey moon...i appreciate the offer for the parts but when i opened everything up i noticed my crank arm and counterweights were destroyed as assuming it may have been a factory error...there were a bunch of screws inside the case...which i know should not have been after my discovery i salvaged as much as possible and claw hammered the rest to a nice little pile of cast aluminum...gonna have to buy a replacement motor...but in less than 48 hours ill be homeless and my priorities wont be on obtaining a replacement as of now...i will however log on occasionally and see what the guys/girls are up of luck to you and many many miles under your tires...oh and the piston was nearly severed in half, the jug gouged beyond machining and the head and piston were way pitted...
    I'm in southeast, right outside of Milwaukee! Me and my friend Both built a bike and we cruise all around new Berlin. How about yourself? Its always nice to see people around you that have the same passion for the hobby!
    Hey it's a moped tank from Imperial Cycles. I'm not sure if they are still in business or not but you can look on ebay for some moped tanks. Make sure to check dimensions as some of the tanks are pretty big.
    Ah shoot, I gotta check my messages more often (or change my settings so it emails me when I get them). Some other time, I guess.
    Ouch >.< I would be quite annoyed at whoever hit me (that's a bit of an understatement). I'm from Sobieski, about 20 miles north of Green Bay.
    Good! Great weather for riding recently. I had to rebuild my whole engine a while back because the China-bearings took a ****, but now that it's all tuned nicely I'm hitting about 34mph wide out (oops, a little fast to be legal =P )
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