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    lifepo4 battery question

    How about this;
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    Gave My MB away

    Like phatcruiser, I did one "happy time" and I was not happy. Gave the motor to some homeless guy in San Diego and thru the "OP Roller" in the trash where it belonged. Fini. Staton FD's are good, magic pie electrics are good and I still ride these. Happy times indeed once I got rid of the...
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    Taking your MB inside, an Arizona incident.

    I'm truly sorry you live in "tweakerville", but that's not really a good excuse. Think about it. You brought a home made vehicle with a hot motor and a gas tank full of gas into a crowded restaurant that is noted for having lots of small children running around doing what kids do. If someone...
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    Taking your MB inside, an Arizona incident.

    Yup, that's what I would do if I smelled gasoline and saw the source in line for food. Then I would leave. No pushing, no shoving, just leave. Then I would report to police, DMV and McDonalds corporate. Easy.
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    St. Patrick's Day

    The "FitzReubens" were excellent. Still have enough meat for 2 more sammies. The Irish coffees were wonderful, a shot of Bushmills, a shot of Baileys, coffee and topped with whipped cream. I had one, she had 3. She slept, I didn't. I guess she is not affected by caffine as I am. Need to...
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    St. Patrick's Day

    Girlfriend is coming over for corned beef and cabbage. No, not that kind, my kind. Thin slices stacked on rye bread and topped with cheese and sour kraut. Reubens. Boiled the brisket yesterday and it's chillin' in the fridge which makes it go through the meat slicer neater. After I pulled...
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    St. Patrick's Day

    Is tomorrow. I bought my kit today; Happy St. Patties!
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    If you like your Huasheng 142F-cc 49cc 4 stroke don't do this

    40 MPH to zero in 10 feet is 5G's. You can stop at 5G's? Most impressive.
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    Stop lights

    Some will trip and others won't. You learn which are which pretty fast. If 500 pounds of Triumph Bonneville with steel rims won't trip them a motorized bicycle won't either.
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    Felt Good to Ride

    It's a real problem. Especially in cities like San Francisco like this article discusses; One day while I was parking the Bonneville, a guy came up to say "nice bike" and told me he had a Honda 350 when he was young and stuck the...
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    Felt Good to Ride

    The front wheel is not gone, it's stuck in the trolley track. The rider is gone, flying through the air.
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    Had to take the long walk today...

    What kind of work did you do? My first job out of school was kinda weird. I got laid off with no warning. My sales were good, I was getting new customers and then I was gone. WTF? Well as it turned out corporate was sick of the constant whining of the managers of the division and eventually...
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    Sportcarpats saddles...

    Yeah Baby! A guy who sold his Co. to the company I was working for had a sign over his desk that said; It is impossible to spend too much money for a thing as if you pay more all you have lost is a little money. But if you pay less you may lose it all as the thing you bought is incapable...
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    lessons learned from pets

    Lucy is a good girl, best dog I ever had. She has never messed in the house, does not chew up anything that is not hers, does not go through the trash and is not afraid of anything. She loves children and small dogs and is very gentle with them. She is also the only female I've had that lifts...
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    lessons learned from pets

    These pillow things are really good to lay your head on;