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    Defiance - My first build

    At the moment this is more of a placeholder until I receive enough of the parts to actually post more updates (should be in the next couple weeks) But... here's what should be arriving first. I had difficulties obtaining other frames so I ended up picking up this 40s elgin, a 50s...
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    212cc capable frame?

    I'm in a tight spot atm, I'm looking for a frame that will handle and fit a HF 212cc... Now, as far as felt frames I love them, however, I don't have a local supplier, so if anyone has a way for me to purchase one, or a reputable online supplier, that would be completely fine. Otherwise, I'd...
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    Re-Birth "Board Tracker Build"

    Very nice, I'll be watching all your builds to come!
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    "Game Changer" KTM Water Cooled 5 Speed

    Very nice, can't wait to get my hands on a water cooled KTM, but you're doing it better than I would ;) Looking forward to updates...
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    HF 212cc capable reverse gearbox?

    Ahh, guess I missed this post on my first searches here. Though, this is similar to what I was originally thinking. Hmmm, any suggestions out there on a gear train parts supplier?
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    HF 212cc capable reverse gearbox?

    This is what I'm working with, space wise I won't be able to mount it "the right way" without chopping the frame and bracing the engine from the gas tank mount. Thanks for the welcome SB.
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    HF 212cc capable reverse gearbox?

    I'm mounting a HF 212cc Predator with the crank facing right, and I need to reverse the PTO. The engine must be mounted this way, or I'll have to do some serious hackery to the frame, which I would really prefer not to do (I don't have the proper tools to fit the frame for left crank facing...
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    Sick Bike Parts Shift Kit - is it worth the cost?

    What's the maximum rpm the quality freewheel can take?
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    mmm.... lurkfest

    Thanks for the welcome, can't wait to get started on said wrenching.
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    Drop Belt Loop

    Very nice, clean bike... I like it!
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    mmm.... lurkfest

    I've been gathering up information for my first go at this, just figured I'd drop in and say hello! I've wrenched on cycles and other stuff before, how hard can this be? (sarcasm) Anyways, hope to check out more of what you are making around here, and hopefully get my own stuff up for my...