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    BikeBobber Custom Cycle Works

    Thank you chainmaker. Cool name by the way...
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    Hey fellow motor bike enthusiasts!!

    Hi Max and welcome.
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    Secure mounting.

    With respect... rubber mounting a motor to a bicycle frame is a bad idea. You may feel less vibration, but it actually creates more violent vibration on the frame and will cause the frame to crack and/or break. The best way to reduce those bad vibes is to securely mount directly to the frame...
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    BikeBobber Custom Cycle Works

    That is exactly how it all came about. I saw a need for basic upgraded kit components.
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    BikeBobber Custom Cycle Works

    I'd be proud to be part of your Bonneville record attempt. Yes for the most precise fit it would be better if I had the frame on hand. .flg.
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    BikeBobber Custom Cycle Works

    Currently I have a 10 day back log of orders. Not an ideal turnaround time, but I'm very grateful to be busy. I'm always adjusting the way I process the work to be the more efficient. I'm looking to hire a helper and to expand the operation.
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    Hello from SouthEast Texas

    Welcome Elderberry
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    Hate......a very hateful, ugly word

    Your right Scotto. I have been accused of being a "hater" simply because I expressed a different opinion. Many think a difference opinion is the basis for an argument. A basis for a debate sure, but not to argue. The art of debating seems to be lost with most people these days. I love a good...
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    BikeBobber Custom Cycle Works

    I design and manufacture quality motor mounts and clamps including one off customs, and services to meet your specific needs.
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    Road Pics

    Nice picture.
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    GT2-A frame

    I have a GT2a and a GT2a-s. I like them both and recommend either one. The frame tubes are larger diameter than the motor mounts though. The "a" frame has a T shaped front motor mount, but an adaptor is needed for the rear mount. The "s" frame has no front motor mount and an adaptor will be...
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    I have the upgraded motor mounts, clamps, adaptors, brackets, spacers, and much more that you want to make your bike safer smoother and more reliable. I'll also make whatever custom parts that you want. Go to and browse the parts page I'm sure you will find something that you...
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    Road Pics

    Thanks ckangaroo
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    I'm New, please be nice.

    Welcome digboy,