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    Flatless Tires or tubes ????

    for me? Nope. My rear tire is PERFECT the way it is... I was thinking about the previous post of "squirrelly"...I had that feeling too, thinking I was underinflated in the rear...but lo and behold, my rear cones were loose! This will let the wheel shift horizontally to the hub, giving you...
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    Ported the exhaust

    OK, quick follow bike has never been better! I ported the exhaust - that did make a noticable difference...the intake, not so much - I'm already pretty rich, so it just is letting even more fuel in.. The BIGGIE was last night - I put on a replacement Head Gasket from Dax. I also reset...
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    Flatless Tires or tubes ????

    Fair - I have a NMF up front only. I switched to a bit smaller than balloon tires, too. Bell Kevlar Comfort Tires. I really can't feel any difference - it's TIGHT. It was hard as h-ell to install, that's for sure... The back I switched the balloon tire to the same as the front, but I went...
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    Ready for second bike

    OK, I guess there's some political crap going on...I dunno and don't want to, really, but theres' some controversy with vendors on the "other" forum, too...and it's hard to keep up with who hangs out where...
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    Flatless Tires or tubes ???? ties sound like a good idea! I wish I would have thought about it. Just thinking about my NMF install makes my hands ache! I decided to get some smaller tires for the NMF tubes, because I thought it would be sloppy with cruiser balloon I'm using the Bell Kevlar Comfort...
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    Ready for second bike

    EHO35 35cc Robin/Subaru Mini-4 Complete 4-Stroke Mounting Kit plus Engine 4-Stroke Engine $609.00 plus $20.00 s & h = $629.00 OUCH! That's quite costly....but Augi - this is your stuff, right? Tell me that I will install it once, and can then throw away my tools? I want to support you, man -...
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    needle clip

    LOL :) Dude, help me out...I richen up my motor, and all of a sudden I can hit 35mph...but my idle is barely running with the screw turned all the way in. 35:1 AMSOil, NGK plug. The low end is HORRIBLE. I moved the clip to the third slot down from the blunt end. It was on the last slot -...
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    needle clip

    Oh...and I thought you were an upstanding individual! ;) (kidding)
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    Ready for second bike

    Link please?
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    Ready for second bike

    OK, so let's expand the search to "Non-Chinese"...
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    Ready for second bike

    Hi guys, I'm about done with my HT setup. It works just fine, but I think I'd like something better now that I know that I both enjoy it and can rely on it. I'll probably sell my current setup (maybe to one of you guys!) and I'd like to go to both a better bike as well as motor. It's so...
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    Latest Build-Kulana Moon Dog

    Butch - post the NAME of the supplier that's sticking it to you so we know not to buy there. Please. Wow - discontinued Kulana??? That's like getting rid of the VW Bug! My guess is that Walmart is saying something like: "Well, the stupid Americans are paying whatever they tell them to at the...
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    Engine problems on new bike...Spark Plug?

    OK, the black crud indicates that your plug is oil-soaked. I think this can be remedied by moving the e-clip on the needle inside the carb 1 notch at a time towards the end (flat end, closest to the notches) to make your mixture a little leaner. When you get it set right, after a couple of...
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    Blue Moon Dog Qusetion

    Back Rack and Bag: Kickstandd: Spooky - see banner on left side. Have fun!
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    Vero Beach, Florida Suncruiser

    Welcome from Boynton Beach, FL! Nice paint!