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    Skyhawk carb help,help,help

    Thanxz for the help guys.I went to a moped shop today and got a better throttle cable its works perfect.As for the choke cable i did like you said and gave it alittle more slack it no longer bogs out.Now i cant wait for the races june 1st..shft.
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    Skyhawk carb help,help,help

    I shall try tommorrow when i get out of work.I say you on another thread saying something about drill the jets world i have to do that?
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    Skyhawk carb help,help,help

    So i went to the bike shop today and found everything i needed for the choke line cable,lever,housing.I put it on and now it turns on and bogs out i tried fooling around with the air n fuel ratio mix on side of carb but no luck.How do you adjust these things i must of tried for a hour n a...
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    choke and throttle cable line???

    I just purchased a skyhawk cnsII carb w/out the cable and handles.Does anyone know where i can buy the cable and throttle only?
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    Skyhawk carb help,help,help

    I took out the plunge n spring it starts up good.I took it to a moped shop but the only cable they had that looked like it would fit was another throttle cable.I wasnt to sure to get it.Do you think a bike shop would have the lever that goes on the handle bars?If not could i use a mountain bike...
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    Skyhawk carb help,help,help

    Sounds good thanxz
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    Skyhawk carb help,help,help

    yeah i just bought the cns2 and no cables for it stupid me.Do you kno where i can buy the cables by itself?also when you buy the carb it the choke on or off?because i used my old stock cable and removed some of the housing but when i throttle it it goes then starts to studer i let go and it goes...
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    Skyhawk carb help,help,help

    Hey guys,I just bought a skyhawk cns high performance carb II for my china girl.My problem is i dont know if i could use the same stock throttle cable for it or if i could cut some of the wire housing?If not where would i be able to buy the cable and do i also need to use a choke lever withe it...
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    Pineapple rear adapter

    Yeah.....i probably wont.I ordered a clutch arm along with a few other parts that they said were in stock.They probably did know they didnt have the arm now my whole order is on hold till they know the "ETA" as they said.FML i wanna ride again plus june 1st are the races.
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    Pineapple rear adapter

    So i was on and came across a red pineapple adapter for the rear sprocket.Just my luck they are out of stock......I was wondering if any one knows where i could pick one up at.The price was 25 dollars i think and it looks as is it would work way better than the rag joint.
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    Nirve swicthblade chopper

    Have any of you ever put a two stroke motor on one of these?It looks pretty damn kool.If so what problems would i run into?
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    Onyx 29er springer forks

    hey guys i have a onyx 29er cruiser.I happen to notice that some of you guys put springer forks on them.Is it easy to install or do you have to mod it to fit.Please help out i hate the stiffness of the ride.
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    you guys have awesome bikes.manny guy with the bike that was taller than long.

    you guys have awesome bikes.manny guy with the bike that was taller than long.
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    Hey norm thanks for the advice on how my friend n i could improve on our bikes.manny guy withe...

    Hey norm thanks for the advice on how my friend n i could improve on our bikes.manny guy withe the tall 29er bike
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    29 inch cruisers

    29ers are great after you get over the rear sprocket.I ride mine daily to work can complain much about it.I even get thumbs up from guys on motorcycles.