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  • hey mac its mac. had to get another user name cuz the old computer crashed and i forgot passwords for email, and sites like this. just so you all know!
    Hey macalpine,
    I live in Durham, Maine, been up here a while. Been doing the MB thing for about 2 years now, 1 4st, 2 2stroke's. pretty much ride all year whenever the weather permits, ya can only get so cold...

    `Bill "Mac"
    Well I like that.

    I just processed the Black Solder Fly compost and mixed with recycled soil mix.. My home made soil mix.

    This is part of the many things I had to let go as I worked 7 days a week.

    When you say bio-intensive are you saying you use methods like French Intensive?
    yeah hi. nice bike, but the 12 tooth gear inside the clutch case is broken, so no more flying!
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