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    4G clutch engagement RPM change?

    I had the same problem, check the clutch pad spring bolt washers.I had two that Weren't holding the springs down on the the clutch pads were Engaging at idle. I know this is a old post.sorry
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    HF 179cc bike transmission options

    Look to put one on a bike build .should be delivered tomarrow. I have a hangsen build not to happy with it.thanks
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    Totally new to this

    That's what I did,when the derailed spring broke.
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    Speed carb adjustment

    I might have screwed it up are the holes supposed to be pointed forward are to the rear.
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    Is s aluminum frame a no no.

    From what I read on other post's, shouldn't be a problem. Answer my own question.
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    Is s aluminum frame a no no.

    Picked up a hybrid with an aluminum frame for a very good price .will it work or should I keep looking.
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    Front spring loaded forks

    I built two mountain bikes one with and one without loaded forks. I'll take the loaded forks any day .now I'm looking for another bike with them.
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    Only getting 30mph tops

    Im putting one on now but I have to gring down my petal arm so it won't hit.
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    Is the spring chain tensioner any good

    One thing I've learnd is not to many bolt on are not just bolt on.most have to be fitted. So Im in the process of grinding down my petal arm so it doesn't hit the mounting bolts then have to take a link out of the chain. Hope it works good.
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    Hi from California

    Took a 10 mile trip on a canal yesterday on the way back a big dog tried to eat me ,Just dumped the throttle and by by doggy .that was with a 44t .this bike seems to get stronger the more I ride it .
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    Hi from California

    Ok this ones done but working another one for trail riding .waiting on a ordered 48t.
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    Hi from California

    I just finished my first bike ,but have other bikes just setting around without engines.looks like I might be busy. The bike I built is a blast riding around town. Next one will have a 48t . Thanks
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    Only getting 30mph tops

    Thanks for the info.much appreciated. Im not into it for the speed ,I injoy just cursing down canal banks and bike paths by the river.At 63 don't need a spill. I also injoyed building them. I built a few recumbents from donor bikes ,but this is much more rewarding .thanks again.
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    Only getting 30mph tops

    After break in with stock motor ,Happy with that .But is that normal for stock 2 stroke motor with no up grades.