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    The SBP Jack Shaft rules !!!

    Glad you are having a great time with your JS on your ride. I seem to recall that I had mentioned this on the forum over a year ago about the usage of jack shafts as well. We had been using these little wonders of power transfer units for over 10 years on our builds. Never had a problem with...
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    Joining the madness..

    Dutch and his creations I have been intouch with him over the past few months and he is a real super person to be around. His work is out of this world too. I wish I had access to the funds he is asking to build his next few racers. I just can't seem to be able to part with $150,000.00 for a...
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    A novel approach

    rotfl Did I here someone say "Salt Flats"! Jey powered bicycles........:p just when we thought it was a dream:eek: Maximo
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    Mounting A 44T HT Bicycle Engine Sprocket On The Front Wheel

    Re: Mounting A 44T HT Sprocket On The Front Wheel I have seen Cushman scooters from back in the dayz, being the late 60's when those wide beast were used mostly in industrial plants and ship yards. They had the engine mounted directly over the front wheels and had a cargo bed to haul heavy...
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    key vs set screws?

    For sure on that one. Flats are a common deffinate on small torque engines and motors. Broaching a key way on a shaft takes special tools and an arber press. Maximo
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    I have posted links to a couple places with the supplies required to do such a thing. Just do a search on my postings and it should pop on up for you. The jack shaft is the best and most for your money when it includes gearing advantages. There is a calculation also on the web for gear ratios...
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    Ridin' DIY

    I love riding too, as long as the sky is not tossing ice down on the roads, I will be riding in the wind. It does get cold out here in the mornings, this week has been the high 30's and low 40ish at 5am. But the trip home from work is just grand. The worst I have ridden out here was 2*F and the...
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    Just Got My Poulan 42cc Saw today. Any tips...

    I use to have a real sweet Poulan saw. It was a very reliable tree monster. The extra power with that engine is a good thing to have Deacon, it helps keep the engine from burning up on the load of your ride. I weigh in at or around 250 myslef, those little 50cc to 90cc units are not even enough...
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    Trackfodders bike, finally

    Really excellent set-up, jack shaft to derailer.:D What is there, 7 speed sprocket on wheel? It looks like a possible B&S 5hp unit, very reliable 4-stroker. I like it. go anywhere you want. Maximo
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    Just bought a Bikebug

    Now that is a very nice steel you have there, great find!:p
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    Big mistake

    It should fit real snugly.............there are ways to adapt any engine to a bike.......maybe a frame from the local thrift store is in need of customizing?:D
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    North of the Fresh Water

    Hello North and welcome to the the way, Nice Rides!:D
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    It's alive!!!

    Nice looking Bat bike, only prob, the price is more then I want to pay for a nastolgia type of ride. All in all, it is cool.
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    Warning to All! - Everyone look at this!

    Well now, we have a bit of a frustration over this ooopps it fell off. Sorry to see such a thing. I would send it back for a replacement and tell them the truth of the fact, this was a faulty casting and the mount wing failed on the first trip. And when you get the next engine, try to modify...
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    Not A Bike But Pretty Sweet none the less, My next project.

    I wonder if you could add a reversing motor to that build? Looks like a great tool for a large yard, you know like hauling a trailer around and moving large bags of trash on a trailer. My kids definately would fight over this jewel in the yard........:crash: Thanks for the idea, Maximo