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    Centrifugal clutch spring

    Hey all i think this is the right section for this qiestion but if not feel free to move it to a more apropriate spot. Anyway im just wonderong if anyone knows the size of the single spring centrifugal clutch spring. Its the set that only has a single spring wrapped in a circle and conected to...
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    Centrifugal clutch no bump start

    Heyvall, so i just picked up a centifugal clutch and a pull start kit. Im wondering how can i mod my existing setup so i can completely remove the manual clutch lever. My end project will have no peddles so bump starting isnt a concern of mine but i would like my wheel to freespin without the...
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    Compatable brands?

    Ahh thank you. Ive done some searching and come across like 8-9 different brands that all look identical so i wasnt sure if they were all just different branding on the same motor .
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    Compatable brands?

    Hey all sorry if this has been answered somewhere else but I have an unbranded two stroke 80cc motor that is unbranded and from what I gather people call it a China Girl what I'm wondering is what brands would be compatible with that motor I've seen pictures of Skyhawks and they look like the...
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    Pull start and centrifical clutch on a 80cc china girl?

    Yes but can the bolt ons be used together?
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    Pull start and centrifical clutch on a 80cc china girl?

    Hey all i am completely new to this sceen and im just wondering if it possable to put a pull start and centrifical clutch on an 80cc china girl motor. Being new these are things i didnt even consider until after i bought the motor kit. Also any advice on what to look out for would be great. Oh...