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    Best 2 stroke Motor for $200

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    The head bolt rod on my engine is striped.

    I want to do that but this is my 3rd motor what is the best way to fix loctight jb weld sauter plumbers tape
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    The head bolt rod on my engine is striped.

    In my engine my head studs went thru the case any ideas on how to fix that
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    What are some upgrades that *really* made a difference?

    Thinner copper head gasket and 36t sprocket my opinion
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    Chain loose then tight

    your rear sprocket probably has a hop in it. What I do to get my sprocket aligned. Is first make sure the rubber discs have the same thickness all the way around then I get all my bolts and nuts ready to be tightened down stick my finger over each nut and tighten the bolt until the tip touches...
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    I've done everything and still no start

    New bike probably the magneto
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    I've done everything and still no start

    My bike wouldn't start I had Spark it would run for a second and then cut off in order to keep it running I had to keep pushing the primer I had to push it all the way home. I get home and take the throttle off look down into the carb and I noticed that the brass / jet came loose so I unscrewed...
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    Won't start, but have fuel and spark :s

    I had the same problem to keep it running i had to keep pushing the primer button to get home got home took out thottle needle and lookin the whole brass nut/jett came loose like wasnt attached open carb bowl screwed it in bike ran perfect
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    How Do I Make My 80cc Go Faster?

    Out of all the things I've done like porting cylinder adding a 36 tooth sprocket drilling holes in the air filter adding a NGK spark plug upgrading the wire to CDI modifying stock exhaust it made my engine run better but not faster the one thing I did where I noticed a huge difference was...
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    40mm intake question

    Yea i havent had any problems on my half-breed 100 miles later i check the cylinder and piston for scratching none smooth as butter. i actually think my engine has more power im glad i went with the 40intake cylinder
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    40mm intake question

    But I do not know for sure that's why I'm asking
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    40mm intake question

    I think you meant 38mm stroke engine. I just rebuilt a engine and put a 40mm intake cylinder on a half-breed engine
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    40mm intake question

    What engines have the 40mm intake pk80, half-breed or GT-5
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    What engine types have the 40mm intake

    What engine types have the 40mm intake
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    Are my piston and cylinder shot?

    The way i diagnose a bad piston is i will have my bike off, clutch disengaged if your bike is easier to push forward than what it was before it is it is a bad piston if you dont have any airleaks/gasket leaks