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    New Bike Bug Motor Owner from the PNW.

    Hello! How's it running now? I put one of the new ones on my fat tire electric so that I don't have to put out my cigarette & pedal on hills. I got it running after fighting with it now I'm hearing a bit of a rattle. Motor was not cheap.
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    While riding to work on my 1000 watt 52 volt fat tire from Bicycle Motor Works, I was boxed in by a Prius next to a tall curb, as an ambulance siren sounded, I could see the youngster driver craning his neck the opposite way behind his car while his Prius is boxing me in closer and closer to the...
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    I've defected.

    Hello comrrades! I've traded in my piston for an electromagnet snd gas & oil for an outrageosly expensive battery. That's right I've gone electric. No more chinesium 2 stroke 'break down' every other ride noisy messy vibrating unreliable 2 smokers. I've been building the HT engine bikes since...
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    Need help with chain tension problem.

    I've come across this issue, I omit the chain tensioner on my builds, and adjust tension via the back motor mount shimmed on the seat post, using multiple washers on the mount bolts. I've had good luck with this and have not needed a chain tensioner. Also: A very tight chain will loosen during...
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    Kings/Gasbike $74 engine only

    Yesterday I installed my black Jet® brand engine only from Kings. The castings & finish seem comparatively very decent. My last engine from Gasbike had the issue that the spark plug hole was too big & unthreaded, also one of the piston retaining clips was missing and the base of the cylinder...
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    I keep running into posts, videos, tutorials and instructions by Fred and his generosity with his knowledge is greatly appreciated
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    Thank you very much!
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    I have 4 entire HT engines, 2 of which are completely disassembled & the other 2 in various states of disassembly. I'm considering attempting to fabricobble a single working motor out of the 4 dead motors as they all had differing failure modes. I would find useful in this venture very detailed...
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    Thoughts/Experiences w/ HY22 built in 44t Wheel

    The threads stripped out of my drive sprocket after about a year on my hy22 set so I forced in some larger bolts tapering the tips with a dremmel then cutting off the bolt heads and securing the sprocket on with double nuts. Working for now, last few months anyway.
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    Jet 66/80cc motor only from or kings motor bikes

    That makes sense crassius, I guess I'll wait until I get it. Good call. Thanks.
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    Jet 66/80cc motor only from or kings motor bikes

    I've ordered a Jet 66cc engine only from kings & was hoping someone can advise me as I hope to purchase upgrade head bolts from sick bike parts but don't know if I should order the m8 1.0 or m8 1.5, this refers to head bolt thread density pitch, can someone who has one of these jet engines...
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    Demise of yet another HT, considering Flying Horse electric start

    Also sorry about all spelling& grammar errors, I wrote this on my phone without glasses
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    Demise of yet another HT, considering Flying Horse electric start

    Happily broken in, my fairly new HT 66cc was performing very well, carrying my 250# self up very steep inclines and running smoothly overall, when 2 head bolt holes became stripped out. After ahell-coil repair of said holes, I proceeded to brake a piston ring during reassembly. I replaced that...
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    what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

    SPARK PLUG for months I've been fighting to properly tune my engine, yesterday I purchased a e3.10 spark plug from homeless despot and cruising 5mph faster, engine runs much better. Up to now have been focusing on carburetor tuning which only takes one so far. When in doubt get a new plug...
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    Sunding SD-558A speedometer

    Reading through the forum I've found a few instances of issues with interference & bad readings on digital speedometers with running engines. I just wanted to add that I've experienced no interference from my engine with this speedometer