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  • Sorry I haven't responded until now, who are some of the better sources on the net. I have looked at so many web pages my head is swimming. Are there any that you recomend. And are there any in that have good deals on the complete bikes that have an inventory that can be chosen from, with choice of engines. Is there any particular engine kits that you may recomend. Is there any fraime that may stand out against others. Is it better to get a bike with like a speed derailer compaired to the transmissions the have out. I am sorry I have so many questions I am not really trying to overwhelm you. I do want to start out in the right direction with my first bike. Not much money for many mistakes. I thank you for any information you can give me.
    Check List (ONE ARM BANDIT)
    1) Honda GXH50 (smallenginewarehouse.com)
    2) SickBikeParts 4-stroke shift kit
    3) Honda CH80 throttle assembly
    4) SickBikeParts 3 piece Crank adapter
    5) Shimano 7 Speed trigger shifter and V-Brake combo (ebay)
    6) Gas Tank (ebay)
    7) Tom Tom One 130 and Ram bicycle mount (ebay)
    8) Plastic composite material pedals (ebay)
    9) Sky hawk Stage 3 gearbox (bicycle-engines.com)
    10) 4-stroke exhaust pipe (bicycle-engines.com)
    11) Micargi Rover 7-Speed (bikeberry.com)
    12) Upgraded rear axle of hardened steel & shorter length (local Bike shop)
    13) Upgraded quality 7-speed chain (local bike shop)

    Parts List For Carburetor Mod So Far
    1) Honda Elite CH80 Carb
    2) Honda Elite CH80 Carburetor Spacer Insulator
    3) Honda Elite CH80 Throttle Cable
    4) Red Foam Air Filter

    Parts List For Fiberglass Packed Tunable Exhaust
    1) 4-Stroke Muffler
    2) Wire Mesh, 2 small LED flashlights
    3) JB Weld, Steel Fuel line
    4) Fiberglass Exhaust Packing
    5) Can of Red Bull, 3 1 7/8" O-Rings
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