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    EZR's 2nd full suspension Project

    Hey EZR, what is the eye to eye and stroke on that coil over?
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    160 mile round trip

    Happy trails and always a tail wind.
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    A post from an unhappy camper

    Keith, email them to me @ bigwheel_29(at) and I'll put them up for you if you want.
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    How About 29-Inch Tires?

    Any bike shop with a QBP account can set you up as Surley is one of their house brands. They are not cheap as I think the tires alone are about $90? But keep an eye on eBay also?
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    Staton 18.75/1 inside gear box

    I have a Staton gearbox that only has about 500 miles on it that I need to get off of the pile. It is the same as seen here: Motorized Bicycles Detail Page Anyone interested in it for $175 should get in touch via pm. Thanks!
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    HHO bubbler on bike

    Well I think it is totally doable and am going to make up a system here when I get the motor straightened out and able to put out some amperage. And the frame together to put it on, you know, the small details.
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    Bugatti Bike

    Apologies in advance if this has already been discussed here. I just recently was told about this by a fellow enthusiast. the Bugatti revue, 12-1, Bugatti T72 fact sheet and photos
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    EZR's 2nd full suspension Project

    Looking good EZR. Ran in to an old friend from SC at the show in Vegas and he said he has been seeing alot of activity around there in regards to MAB's. I am going to link him up to this so he'll know who to watch out for down there:crash:
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    Made my 1st beer run

    Why not just get one of these and motorize it and then you don't have to drink alone? Have to have a designated steerer though I suppose.
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    EZR's 2nd full suspension Project

    Cool. Keep us posted.
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    New way to mount HT bicycle engines!!

    Re: New way to mount HT engines!! Great product. I could see a base for 4 stroke motors with these as the mounts also. Thanks for sharing!
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    Just wondering if anyone from the forum attends Interbike in Vegas? I will be there Tues-Thurs and if I see anything cool I will be sure and share it here. Anyone interested in meeting up while there let's do it!
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    history of whizzer

    Keith, your reply's are like time machines. Thanks for having such a vivid memory, I just wish you had taken pictures back then!
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    How About 29-Inch Tires?

    Years ago when we were looking for sus forks that would work with 29" wheels, as the cast lowers on all the available forks would not clear them and new castings were expensive, we searched the aisles of Interbike in Vegas for anything that might cross over. In 2000 we found this fork which was...
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    How About 29-Inch Tires?

    I have been riding 29"ers since 1999. I have had motors on 29" wheeled bikes as far back as 2001 both electric (hub and Currie) and friction gas. I also used them for my 4 cycle pusher bikes. While they have some advantages off road (so I would have to disagree with LH here) and I still ride...