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  • I'm going to try to convince my boss to let me bring a couple of bikes to sell up there. Just got a truck. So we shall see. I don't have a fully functioning bike as of right now. I'm building a Dax KTM clone for a customer and a Morini for myself. The MP rear wheel is trashed and the engine has a dead spot and keeps falling on its face.
    It's about time?!? We are racing on the 14th at Willow Springs......where you gonna be?

    That's 9 days away..... .wee.
    I know I'm back from the dead. Sorry. I have been training for a new job. I just posted a ride for Thursday night.
    What's up Chuck? Are we ever going to do a group ride again? The weather is better than ever.....let's RIDE!
    Hawaii, I've been collection email addresses for people interested in joining the group rides. Have 15 people who've responded so far. Do you have any email addresses of riders? If you do can you email them to me at [email protected]
    Hello hawaii,

    Do you still make and sell the aluminum motor mounts? If so are they only designed to fit the Felt frames?
    Geat MP build.
    Thank you!
    howzit!!!! Seen you with yo bikes... Is that by Sandy Beach? Or Waimanalo? I just joined, saw that you were on.......I live in Redding....CA Spock you bumbye.....
    Added you as a friend. So tell me, what's the benefit of having someone as your friend here? I'm clueless...

    Saw your CL post for the Oside run. Dayumn dude...90 miles!!! Will be interesting to see if ANYONE finishes that one...

    Have you hooked up with any of the LA riders to see if they wanna do a group ride down to Oside on the same day?
    Sir, I am in Nebraska, the price with shipping would be $115.00. Just let me know as have another party that wants to be next in line if you turn it down. I do not do/have not done paypal.........so, if you want it let me know and call me and can figure it our.

    PM sent on picture request!
    I live about 20 miles from you so shipping should be no problem either.
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