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    What do you think?

    I am considering this exhaust, what is your opinion on it
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    Good bike to put a 2stroke on?

    It looks like it does have a coaster break but yes ideally i would have two lol
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    Good bike to put a 2stroke on?

    i was offered a 70’s amf voyager beach cruiser. Im concerned about the rear drop outs and if they will hold up, o havent seen it in person yet. What do you guys think, is it worth slapping a motor on?
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    1970 amf voyager
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    Nt/speed carb cover

    So i got a speed carb ( has a NT black filter cover) in the mail today. I cut off the the little down spout breather holes so i can put on a k&n style air filter. After i cut it off i noticed that not all the holes were completely drilled out which makes me wonder if this has caused issues for...
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    High Performance Dellorto carb found!

    Stickers also give you more top speed.
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    Bogging uphill.

    I was able to tighten one of the bowl screws maybe 1/8-2/8th of a turn. I started it and the idling really high, i forgot to adjust the idle screw back .
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    Bogging uphill.

    I have not, i will try that in the morning, thanks for the help.
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    Bogging uphill.

    I’m using an autolite (dont know the model number) it appears that i have a leak around the carb bowl, since I paid for my motor with paypal (crazy buyer protection) I reached out to the company and told them what happened and asked for replacement parts or a new carb. Im supposed to hear from...
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    Bogging uphill.

    This has been a stressful mb week for me. I just replaced my old 48cc jug with a new ported jug with a rounded exhaust port and 40mm intake ( yes you heard that right ) and skirted piston. I ran it, it was great. But I noticed that it sounded like it might be running a little lean, ran it a few...
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    49cc ported and skirted

    Since my reply has a link in it it has to be reviewed by a mod. It has. 40mm piston. When i bought it I thought it was just ported but nope i had to buy a new intake as well. The new jug has wider fins then the old one. I figured id keep the old and try my hand at porting myself and try to...
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    49cc ported and skirted

    It is a 40mm. Here is link to what i bought.
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    49cc ported and skirted

    I just bought a new “ported” jug with 40mm intake and rounded exhaust port. And i skirted the piston a little. I went from 25mph to being able to reach 33mph!! I also bought a 36t sprocket but im waiting to install it till i get better rims. Here is a link to it running. I think it may be...
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    Trek GEBE

    If it fits it sits.
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    49cc piston

    I wonder if the rse reed valve is too short to work properly.