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mechanic, jack most trades master of none aspiring

Goat Herder

Gutter Rider, from N.M.

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Aug 28, 2019
    1. Goat Herder
      Goat Herder
      I think in the long run run you will be putting the hurts on a ride that would have work flawlessly correctly other wise. The over all controversy with nay sayers etc will just harm the hobby from my point of view I worked hard to clear these things up.:( I feel so sorry for folks when the fix is so simple.

      In the end you won't be hurting me. I mean wut I am doing works fine. But for others I just feel bad for them. All the unneeded controversy and wasted time. Everything I said the original Slime product did for me I never told one remote stretched truth or lie. It worked flawlessly.........

      I am just asking don't call your stuff slime call it ho-made tube sealant. Its not the same thing from my point of view. There is nothing wrong at all with making a ho-made sealant at all what so ever.. Cudo's!!! I hope you even discover or invent something!!!
    2. Goat Herder
      Goat Herder
      Slime has little partials that are not borax or laundry detergent. Keep trying. I just buy their bottle its dirt cheap for what it does. I will never have a need to reinvent it ether. It won't set up in my tube like a snake that ate a rat like that latex crap does ether. In 40+ years it never has..

      I did all this stuff when I was 40 years younger. Put some half and half milk in there while your at it.laff

      I got's no need to experiment wut I use works flawlessly for the price.

      Problem here is folks will start getting confused with the ho-made stuff and think slime does the same thing. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME.
    3. happycheapskate
      Polymers - Make Your Own Slime - YouTube guy makes his own slime from Borax laundry detergent, elmers glue, and water.

      Hhahaha. It is not for tires. It is a putty toy.
    4. happycheapskate
      Caulk has a lot of stuff in it, like latex, chemical adhesives, and microscopic sand particles. The window wash keeps it from drying out. It does something like this. NoTubes - Tire Sealant, Path of Death Puncture Demo - YouTube
    5. flybytaco
      you get that bike done yet ?????
    6. FreeWheeler
      Hey Goat,

      Merry Christmas and Happy new Year. I've been in the hospital with emergency back surgery. Not bike related, just bad luck. Anyway, I'll be back soon.
    7. biknut
      Hope you have a Merry Christmas
    8. leftywoody
      Glad to hear from you
    9. civlized
      Hey friend!
    10. Goat Herder
      Goat Herder
      Thanks guy's its nice to be apart a nice family forum! With such a treasure of Ideas and builds to share!
    11. KCvale
      Hi Friend ;-}
    12. biknut
      Welcome friend. Glad to know you.
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