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    Anybody else burnt out on motorbikes?

    This is a good thread. I did get burned out. I was out riding my 70cc happy times when it was 103 degrees outside, the heat from the pavement was worse than the air. After about 15 miles, my most dependable bike just turned off and I had to pedal about 1 mile back to the park where my car and...
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    Calling all Texans.

    I'm in Fort Worth and might be willing to haul my bike down somewhere. Anyone else in DFW I have a trailer I bought just for motored bikes, if you need a ride.
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    My Schwinn cruiser mount.

    Was the front tube narrow enough for the mounting bolts to go around without bending them? I have a Schwinn Jaguar with a wide front tube.
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    chain tensioner modification

    I have used a sprocket from a bicycle derailuer. I know they are plastic, but it seems af it was made for the job. I'll try and find a pic to post. Meanwhile: Duke needs me to take him to the dog park.
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    engine failure today..

    Wow, that's been almost a year ago. Um, I believe it was 20:1 7 ounces of oil to 1 gallon. I have a lawnboy mower that doesn't work but I still had the all season high temp ashless 2 stroke Lawnboy brand oil.
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    Warning to All! - Everyone look at this!

    I have to ride around in circle, otherwise I'd get lost. Deacon you are right now that I think about it. Firestone may never make that mistake again, or else we'd be seeing it on the news. The manager and tech were sickened when I showed them that my wheel only had 2 lugs left. There's also...
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    Find a Dealer & Review

    Well I'm a big fan of Thatsdax. I've bought 4 motors from him 1-50cc, 2-70ccs and a Titan. Customer service has been A#1 all the way. That's probably why he's so darn busy, business is good. I have a friend who bought a Deminsion Edge 35 cc mitusbishi friction kit on a Dahon folding bike. The...
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    Warning to All! - Everyone look at this!

    Man if I had a motoredbike for evertime someone said they were quitting I'd have a fleet. Bruce I feel your pain and hear you well. I have had an engine just seize up on me at 20 mph. The whole bike just locked up and skidded out of control out from under me. I rebuilt and it seized again, now...
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    engine failure today..

    Jak,Also sorry to hear you had that problem. I had the same problem with my 50 cc about a year ago, rebuilt it and it seized up again. My 70 cc and my Titan both run flawlessly. I never could find a cause for the seizure and the consensus was bad porting since the damage was only on the port...
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    How did you get injured on your motorized bicycle?

    Re: How did you get injured on your motor bike? Tech2353, How did the ground hog make out? Was there any eye contact just before impact? I've only wrecked twice. Once riding on a trail in the woods and there was a large rock in the path and the bike endovered in really cool slowmotion. Another...
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    Seized Piston

    I have some pictures, I will post when I get time. My 50cc siezed up on me two times. If you pull the jug, check the lower edges of the ports, sometimes they are not smooth and the rings can catch. If it's siezing, I would not ride it. If you have debris in the engine it will score the cylinder...
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    Now for a serious ??

    If I understand you need the MTB axle bolt. Go to the bike shop and see if they have one or go to the junk yard or scrap metal recycling yard and pull one off a dead bike. I have several in my garage that are just parts donors. If you like I could pull one for you.
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    Hello from North Texas

    What Part of North Texas? Mid cities here. Welcome
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    Now for a serious ??

    Cool, we never get too old for science experiments. Ever been in a small boat that's sinking and stood near the battery that was submerged? It's like fire ants at the waterline.
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    What was your first bike?

    I remeber riding home on my faded red schwinn with the fiberglass pole and orange flag. I remember the fiberglass splinters. I bet I put a million miles on that bike. I came home and told dad all the other kids had cool bikes and I needed one. I never asked for stuff. On my birthday I got...