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  • I noticed today leaks from the stock gas tank studs, time to get a new tank. I love your homemade PVC tank. I saw that it had no leaks for 2 months, is it still leak free? How did you do the gas out and gas cap?
    just a bit west of peoria...tons of great country roads around here to ride these things. think i've have started a craze around these parts. built my first nearly a year ago & had the roads all to my self last summer/fall. so far this year i've seen at least 6 others riding just in my area & several others around town. :) have got together with a few of them & we're thinkin of starting a MAB Club (gang) LOL
    Nice to meet ya tommy ... if you're ever planning a trip this way gimme a hollar an we'll go for a ride.
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