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    use dielectric grease for conections . (^) beer
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    Chain Tensioner/Guide

    easy fix ,stop using the tensoiner , get rid of it . buy a chain break and shorten the chain (^) beer
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    Is there a market?

    do you still have these for sale ? is the center hole mashined ? rotfl
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    brakeing tearing up gears

    you need to pull the cluch in , when you put the break on ... (^) beer
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    Kill switch and light question

    in line with each other , use both the generator , and the engine for power ((^) beer
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    Kill switch and light question

    can the genrator be wired in series with the white wire ? (^)beer
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    Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

    no beer chug smilie (?) ? clean your spokes , if there is dirt on them they will wear our faster , i wax mine too ,,, (^) beer
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    Eliminating the driven sprocket

    that is what i want
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    i am new

    hi i am new here , i am thinking of getting a kit (48 cc round head) a guy on ebay says that the 48cc is better than the 70cc he says it is faster , and last longer . What do you guys think ? What is the common cc people run here ? (c)