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    That switch was in the mid 1980's I believe. I was traveling a lot then, and recall that the pound was 1.25 USD back then. The sad part is, in 1983 gasoline here was $1.00 per gallon. $12.50 was too much gasoline to put in my 1967 VW even if it was completely empty. A fill up on the bike...
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    Gruesome wreck. Lucky to be alive

    Buy him a pair of these .
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    Lifan 118cc Honda GX120 Mods,Carb size

    I am running a PZ19 on mine. Works fine
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    Dogcatcher: can you swing a leg over the saddle? My little sidehack is a nice ride if you can: Stable, stands on it's own. Corners & rides like a bike - running over a bump with the sidecar wheel does not toss the bike around. I am going to sell it to make room for other...
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    125cc lifan mounting question

    Those 4 tapped holes on the bottom were not designed as engine mounts. That engine mounts with the through bolts that run on the crankshaft axis. Use the cross bolts at the rear, and if the top bolt on the crankcase is too much trouble to reach with bracket (empty bolt hole in pic below)...
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    Is this company still functioning with engines to sell?

    Don't hold your breath. That address is a third party mail drop just north of San Diego CA. Might have better luck on Alibaba
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    Is this company still functioning with engines to sell?

    Korean unit. Some were imported...
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    Too hot?

    You are lugging the engine. Here is the power curve:
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    Too hot?

    Fatten it up a little & see how it runs - just raise the needle a notch or two. 4 strokes run hotter on the exhaust pipe than two strokes. Pipe wrap often smokes a little the first few times it gets hot too. .
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    sold out of kits

    That is customs bragging about all of the stuff they confiscated in Q3 2015. It is also an announcement about what they are actively looking for in import shipments. About that time, engines began to come in as parts, with the cylinder & piston in a separate box. "Boy screws buyer Fast"...
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    sold out of kits

    US Customs is working on that for ya
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    Cannonball bikes in Kingman AZ

    The Cannonball racers came through Kingman last friday This year was a 1916 or earlier race. All of the bikes are real, no reproductions. Here are a few These bikes left Atlantic City NJ on Sept 8th. A long ride for a 100+ year old bike. As always, right click to view full size
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    79cc predator is backfiring out carb and exhaust won't start

    Is the flywheel key installed correctly? Not sheared? You will have to pull the flywheel to check it.
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    Official 3D Motorsport Manual Clutch Thread

    How far from production is the 1" clutch?
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    Anyone else headed to Wichita next weekend?

    Another great race weekend Sunny, clear. Race weather Sometimes you even bring a spare engine