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  • I'm still here bro, Just dealing with some health issues. You know, Too much sex & drugs & rock&roll. (Not complaining, Just explaining.) After a couple hours in the shop I'm through. I tell myself I'll get on the forum in a bit, Then next thing I know it's morning again. Just gettin old I guess. I'll try to do better. Still doing drugs by the way, Now just the legal ones from the doctor.
    hey man i wanna apologize for being so rude. i talked to someone about it and the way i came at you and i was wrong for doing. thank you for the advice though
    It takes a little time to deploy, and both arms, but a slingshot and marbles (or better yet, CV Joint bearings!) sting like a hornet. Let that little 4 legged taco have a good thump and it will probably stay out of your way!
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