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    Late Joining From SoCal

    No, it was about a 9 month- year and a half recovery. I dislocated one of my toes, knocked my pelvis out of alignment, fractured my right arm, lacerated my left causing nerve damage and over all road rash. It took me 2 years to get a settlement and from there I had a bike frame and tank built...
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    Riverside Inland Empire SoCal rides

    I just came across this thread. I live in the Redlands area, do you guys/gals still get together for rides? I'd love to get in on the fun :)
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    Late Joining From SoCal

    Hey All- I built my first bike kit from Spooky Tooth about 5 years ago. Two years later I was hit by a pickup truck and the bike was destroyed. Now that I've recovered I couldn't stay away so I upgraded to a new badder sicker bike. I'm looking forward to finding my mojo again and going on...