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    check out the review at ELECTRIC BICYCLE FORUM • Index page. Great deal for $500
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    Indiana Jones and the Legend of the Crystal Bike.

    I got this letter via e-mail. Home Made bike in India, I have a feeling Dr. Jones set this one up. ELECTRIC BICYCLE FORUM • View topic - A great story from India
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    A different kind of hybrid.....

    here they are ELECTRIC BICYCLE FORUM • View topic - solar electric hybrid bicycles let me know if you know of any more like these. Its fun to watch this idea evolve.
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    Interesting gas electric hybrid

    Check this out. This could be the cleanest gas electric hybrid setup I have ever seen. Still waiting to get more info from the builder but supposedly it works. ELECTRIC BICYCLE FORUM • View topic - Hybrid Trike 130 mpg! :)
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    why electric

    ebikes are great for short local trips. Mine goes about 20 miles per charge, but then I have to charge it for 6 hours. It keeps my car from getting beat up on all of the local trips. Now I use the car for highway trips and the bike for errands. Works out perfect, I save on gas brakes and...
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    Anybody done this?

    the hybrid motor system seems to be on a lot of peoples minds. It would probably have to be pretty pricey for a few reasons. 1. You wouldn't get away with a lead acid battery, you need to run a generator for four to six hours to charge those babies. It might extend the range, but it won't...