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    Stolen Bike Chicago SOS

    Someone stole my bike please help....... It was stolen in evanston and has been seen on the north side of chicago I attached a pic.......... I recently installed an analog speedometer that isnt in the pic.... Here are my numbers if you see it 3127058163 8472090955 Call the police...
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    49cc decal

    Im looking to get a decal on my motor so that i dont get hassled by the Cops anyone know a place where they are currently sold?
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    illinois law

    Im in illinios and you need to check your citys ordinences then the state law....... im in evanston IL and there is no Pedacycle law so it goes to state law.... motor assisted pedicycles, according to the IL DMV, are legal without insurance or a licence plate if it is under 50 cc and does not...
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    Law in France?

    anyone know what the laws are in france for these..... My aunt has an apartment in chartres and a couple pedacycles would be perfect for getting around.... I want to fly over with the kits in baggage then assemble them on bikes i purchase there...... this wouldnt be possable if it is illeagal...
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    V twin - 50cc bike...

    The Desktop V Twin Engine - Hammacher Schlemmer whomever designed this could design a 50 cc one
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    V twin - 50cc bike...

    check this out its a DIY desktop vtwin engine kit
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    Why doesn't someone market a cruiser gas tank line?

    check out 'handy bike' they have alot of moped tanks.
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    Board track newb.... water proof?

    I have heard of people water sealing engines so that riding in the rain is less risky..... if you get heat resistant clear silicon and spread it around different seals on the engine it will be more protected.......... I just wanted to know which parts to seal.............. heck ill probably...
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    Board track newb.... water proof?

    Im new to the forum but reasonably handy ...... Im putting together a board track racer..... found a great tank and bought the cruiser with a springer fork that fits the tank perfectly..... My next part of the project is forging an offset seat mount on the old anvil in the back yard..... Not...