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    Replacing my motor

    Why not a motorcycle? Certainly, they are likely safer at speed, but for a commuter it is hard to beat a motorbicycle in the city. If you get stuck in a traffic jam on even a 50cc scooter can you use the shoulder or sidewalk? Even better, can you pedal around it? A motorbicycle represents...
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    Replacing my motor

    I have one of his 2 stroke Titan gt 50 and it is a true dog and has been troublesome. He did not seem that interested in giving a refund either. The HT runs circles around it. Good luck
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    Seattle area motorbicyclists with shop?

    Hi I now have a happy time, but am looking to go ground up and something more relable, faster, and perhaps more economical. I prefer to keep it as light as possible and, as a former bike racer, I would like it not to look so clunky. As for wheels, I like the Mavic straight pull spokes as...
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    Wanted a 4 Stroke - Suggestions

    I think 2 strokes are OK but it is the fact that Chinese motors are poor quality. I also dislike friction as there is so much power loss and slippage. I am looking at a geared (jackshaft) 4 stroke honda 35cc. I think it will perform very well as long as it is geared. Good luck...
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    Seattle area motorbicyclists with shop?

    HI I wish I had a shop. I want a super commuter based on a moderately high end road bike with racing wheels. My hope is to have a fast, reliable and lightweight bike with a cvt transmission. I imagine that it will need to be entirely custom. I think it would be fun to get together...
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    looked at 50cc scooter thought how much better they could be

    I have a motorized bicycle and it is fun, but not too reliable. I thought I would like a scooter, but when I looked at them, they seemed so unnecessarily heavy and bulky. I thought how much more I would like a quality motorized bicycle that could weigh in at 55 pounds or so, instead of 200...
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    simple covered trike ideas

    I live in Seattle and I like the idea of commuting, but I HATE riding in the rain. My thought would be to design a trike with a full shell that is simple to build. The idea would be to make a trike (velocar) that is: 1) easy to build starting with an already built recumbent 2) improved...
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    Thruster Fixie? Noob Diving!

    They would never use a true fixed gear on a cheap bike. I think you would be better off to spend a bit more. I picked up a clearance bike from Has good components, chromoly frame and certainly the brakes are better. It ran 175 and is comparable to a 500 model.
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    Top Speed

    I meant to say that getting the correct gearing is not a factor. I have a 32 and could easily change the front to achieve a higher gear ratio. The problem occurs when the motor does not have enough power to overcome the drag and most of it at higher speed is aerodynamic. Small improvements...
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    Top Speed

    Humans are limited in their rpm. Much more than motors. Try to spin much past 150rpm. Most are spinning around 60 and time trialists actually do not spin all that fast. The point here is that a HT motor has far more power than any human. Gearing is not such a big issue
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    Top Speed

    Let's see. Top speed of a HUMAN POWERED VEHICLE is about 81 mph. A lot less horsepower than a HT motor. I would guess my HT motor in the 81 would do what, a 100 mph? Not sure, but certainly a lot more then 81, so horses are horses does not really hold up well.
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    GT50r - do not do it

    GT50r - (one model below) wait and see I purchased a model, which is the same motor, but one less horsepower. It is mounted on rear friction drive. My hope to have more power and reliability than the Happy Time motor on my other bike. It failed on both counts. The HT is far better on hills...
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    debunking myths about walmart bikes

    Walmart as good? In some ways I would say yes when it is used to build a motor bicycle. What do you pay for in a better bike? Better and lighter components, better wheels, better tires and a better frame. That said, as a motorbicycle, you do not need incredible components. I paid more for...
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    Top Speed

    I really should review my post before I post it! When I ride and not One I ride!
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    Top Speed

    I have a stock HT with a 32 rear sprocket and have been able to get 40+ miles per hour. My speedo is correct. How do I do it? It is by reducing drag, primarily aerodynamic. I am using a shimano front wheel with 16 spokes and a 700 x 23 tire. I also use a bmx chain and my frame is well...