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    sorry, i don't come here much anymore and didn't realize i had a message from you. what can i...

    sorry, i don't come here much anymore and didn't realize i had a message from you. what can i help you with ? steve
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    Stretch frame, Loncin 110CC engine, 61mph

    thanks, that makes the standard mustang just as long as that rat rod frame being sold by chubbiescruisers and others. have you riden the loncin enough to figure the mpg on average use ?
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    Stretch frame, Loncin 110CC engine, 61mph

    i-paint, can you please tell me the wheel base ( axle to axle ) of that frame and fork set up ? thanks, steve
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    macargi frame comparo

    fellas, can someone tell me if the macargi built mustang gts and rat rod frames are actually the same, other than paint and odd bits ? thanks, steve
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    Would like to go really fast!

    if you could get vid from another bike that would display the variance in power pretty good. in any case it'll be cool to HEAR that engine run. steve
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    Would like to go really fast!

    wow i was originally impressed with that chamber you built, then the shotgun intake was too cool. didn't realize you had fully optimized the internals too. would love to see a vid of that bike on the road !! steve
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    Franco Morini engines selection

    looks very roughly like 8" wide, 12" tall, 12" long anyone confirm that ? thanks, steve
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    Different Style Tanks?

    ghent, is there any new word on the tank design you posted earlier in this thread ? thanks, steve
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    TREK 4500/ GEBE w/ GP460 build

    google "railbike" you'll get lots of info and pics of many configurations steve particularly "" for a motored version
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    TREK 4500/ GEBE w/ GP460 build

    the belts i'm going to use are accessable but hardly "everywhere". these are Kevlar belted 8mm pitch, 5/8" wide coged belts from Continental. i saw a publis TV special abou tbike treking on rail road lines, actually riding bikes on the tracks. those guys had small outrigger wheels on a...
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    TREK 4500/ GEBE w/ GP460 build

    Roadkill, the fastest way to fill you i n on the dual belt project is to invite you over to the other forum and see my thread "trek 4500 / gp460 now dual belt jackshaft" in the rack mount sub-forum. shortest answer, i have the belts and pulleys sourced but have yet to convert over from...
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    a horn (if you already have a battery for lights)

    what you want is the Stebel Nautilus compact motorcycle horn. cheap,relay driven, 139db. used them on all my mototrcycles. steve
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    Anyone Using An Extracycle On Their Motorized Bike?

    i looked at these in great detail while running the GEBE. my take was that if you shortened the uprights that form the rear rack you could mount the engine up top and run the drive down the inside and retain the carrying feature. there is also another way to use the standard add-on kit in...
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    My New Model Home Build!!

    that bike looks vaguely familiar, but i'm pretty sure the whole rear swing arm is custom. is that correct? what kind of bike is the frame ? i can see how that frame could work in another similar configuration. thanks, steve
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    Changing crankset to 3-piece

    yep, jack sahft shifter setup with out the jackshaft. you'll need to asses the power and torque of your engine to calculate the primary reduction needed form the engine output to your lefthand crank sprocket. it also depends on what speeds you want to achieve. don't forget some sates...