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    Hi my name Maria (Chuy!)

    Sorry Maria! I looked in all the featured ad's sites and this is all I came up with. If you want a gas powered bike you will have to buy a kit and do a build with your own bike. I guess there is no equality when it comes to motorized bicycles.
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    Hensim V-twin 49cc

    The best way is to upload your mp4 to YouTube and paste the link here on this page.
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    66cc 2 Stroke won't start -- tried everything I've read online. Please look at the checklist of what I've tried and see video

    Sometimes the choke closes automatically and you have to hold it open with an elastic band or spring. Just a thought, it happened to me once and my engine sounded something like yours. It happens and can be fixed by tightening some screw, but the spring works for me so I haven't got around to...
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    New here. i have a Panama Jack Cruiser and a 79cc predator. need any advice

    I also like gas engines too, or more accurately I should say, I love them. The thing is the clutches, chains and sprockets needed to make the bike go are notoriously unreliable and usually require a lot of maintenance. If you have to have an IC engine; the hybrid electric/gas is the answer. Just...
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    New here. i have a Panama Jack Cruiser and a 79cc predator. need any advice

    Robert if you are serious about needing transportation to work, my best advice is forget gas and put a front electric hub motor kit on that neat bike. The controller and maybe even the battery could go in that cool handle bag and you would have cheap reliable transportation with enough power to...
  6. Old Harley Positive 2_InPixio.jpg

    Old Harley Positive 2_InPixio.jpg

    Early Harley Davison Twin V Engine and chain drive transmission
  7. Antique Motor Bikes

    Antique Motor Bikes

    Came across some old pictures of early motor cycles
  8. Antique Motor Cycle 2_InPixio.jpg

    Antique Motor Cycle 2_InPixio.jpg

    1913 Flying Merkle 884 cc twin
  9. Cruiser with 500 Watt Motor 2.jpg

    Cruiser with 500 Watt Motor 2.jpg

    After burning out controller because we were trying to run two electric motors by the same twist throttle we elected to change to a simple 500 watt front hub motor controlled with a thumb throttle
  10. Map My Ride Oct. 14.PNG

    Map My Ride Oct. 14.PNG

    Mark 1 Cruise Hybrid
  11. Motorized Hybrid Bicycles

    Motorized Hybrid Bicycles

    In Search for the Optimum Configuration
  12. Beach Cruiser Hybrid Pedal/Electric/IC

    Beach Cruiser Hybrid Pedal/Electric/IC

    This is a work in progress searching for that optimum configuration that best conforms to my riding requirements.
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    Moderators, staff and administrators for this site

    I used the link at the bottom of the post for reporting problems.
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    Moderators, staff and administrators for this site

    It's Chinese for sure. I just reported it as being off topic. Here is a Google Translation of the post heading in English: Foreign diploma and academic certification Q/WeChat 29304199 to do Australia #Griffith graduation certificate transcript notarization Griffith University graduation...
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    Looking for gas bike for canada

    Well said 50up. I like your logic and your riding habits are close to mine. The regulations say that a motorized bike can have 3 or fewer wheels in contact with the road, so theoretically the vehicle can have 3 times 500 watts of motive power. From personal experience that is more than enough...