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    1. Ludwig II
      Ludwig II
      I see your erection campaign has ground to a halt. My associates wish me to make it clear that without certain policy aspects we have discussed being implemented, we will regretfully withdraw the access to the houses in the south of France, Sicily and Thailand, and Mablethorpe, England: http://www.rbiassets.com/GetImage.ashx/39116834681/dsc02865.jpg/medium


      ps You didn't see me, ok? Cash is in the usual spot.
    2. NunyaBidness
      Hey Dan,
      I hope all is well with you and yours. Been following your build thread for you workshop. It's gonna be great, I just can hardly wait to see some pics.

      Things have been a little bit rough around here lately. My dear friend/ landlady has been in the hospital (except for ~3 weeks) since February 23. She is coming home tomorrow, thankfully. We also had a female feral cat show up with 3 kittens. The kitties are adoptable and very sweet. Momma cat needs to get fixed. The 2 boys also need to get fixed as I would like for the 3 of them to stay around. The female kitty may have a home soon. I was hoping that you had another box of that flea treatment for cats laying around. We can afford to treat the 2 cars and 1 dog we have, 4 more we can't do.

      I don't want to intrude and if I've over stepped the line I apologize. I didn't know what else to do and thought I remembered you saying your wife worked at a vets office.

      God Bless you and yours,
    3. Russell
      Whats up? Are you going to make the RI ride? It is a great route.

    4. WayneC
      Hi Dan,
      I'm hoping you could do me a favor. I used to be in close contact with Ron (Neat Times) on a regular basis. I haven't been able to contact him via either of his 2 email addys since after the 1st of the year. I get no reply but the emails aren't bounced as when the account is dead. I also haven't seen him post on here in quite a while. I'm hoping that some ill fate has not befallen him. He may just not want to bother with me anymore for some reason. I can get abrasive at times but don't recall anything of note. He just seems to have dropped out. Would you try and contact him and see if all is well and let me know? If he replies to you then I'll know it's me.
    5. Saddletramp1200
      Bro Mod the chat box!
    6. James912
      Thanks! I'll try to have 1000 more. :) lol
    7. Dave31
      Thank You Dan for the Birthday wishes!
    8. happycheapskate
      Here's one way to do it! :-) Welcome to Facebook - Log In, Sign Up or Learn More

      Re: New 6.5HP Bicycle Trailer
      Awesome Znane. How did you rig the throttle? Also did you make yor own cables?
    9. hinkle1
      Hello I was just wondering who I might be able to talk to about motorbicycles
    10. ducedave
      got off on a rant- casting is just a good way to produce several parts at a time,I figure "investment casting" would be the best technique for making jugs with transfer ports that fit-let a steal sleeve cover the runners-so I'll us two jug a 66cc. and what ever pit bike jug I can dig up- the only limiting factor would be the head studs I would think with case savers in the bottom end thinner studs I could fit a jug with a sleeve exposed to the head studs I have no idea how much larger of a bore could be used
    11. MB-Monkey
      Dan dan he's our man if he can't do it ....then screw it cause your a genius. Just saying hello man long time no see
    12. Schwinn the Fox
      Schwinn the Fox
      Hey Dan, your the best man! Thanks for helping out with the rally :P
    13. GearNut
      Here's a link to SBP's 4-stroke installation guide in
      PDF format.
      Look about half way down and you'll see the way they keep the rear mount from slipping down (It also is the way you tighten the intermediate chain between the jack shaft sprocket and pedal sprocket)
      Very simple, very durable, and really blends in well.
    14. NunyaBidness
      Dan, I don't know who will thank you more, me or my furry little terrorist.
      My address is as follows

      Carl Fuller
      2103 Carr ave.
      Memphis TN 38104
    15. "the prussian" Shop Dogs
      "the prussian" Shop Dogs
      Dan check out latest version of kickstand idea
      I'm trying to design bolt on pads as sale item , wondering what you think ?
    16. Dave31
    17. Dave31
      Merry Christmas Dan. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Holiday.
    18. Felton
      If you don't need that large piece of Alu then you may be better off ordering form some one else other than mcmaster but mcmaster had the best price on that piece of aluminum. The belt I am using is from work and as I already stated the clutch was off of ebay. My belt tensioner I got from a lawn mower shop here in town. I think it was for a 3/4 inch belt it was about $10. Most of the bolts are stainless 1/4 20 annd 2 inches long.

      Good luck, I can't wait to see what you come up with.
    19. Felton
      Hey Dan
      Mcmaster is not letting me post direct links so you will have to find them on your own.The spacer I used was 5/8 x 1.5 x 12 the alum. plate was 10x36 and was about $46. I also order my bearings and shaft from mcmaster. The best price on a sheave like mine is from drillspot. Be carful that sheave might be too big. I used the next size down from that one I think its the browning al64 but cost $25.
    20. civlized
      Hey Friend!!
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