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    BC Laws

    /lurkmode_off This showed up in the 24HRS *ahem* 'newspaper' this past week: Gas-powered cycle needs licence: court. If the link doesn't work, here's the text of the article: If the bike pictured is the bike in question, it appears to be equiped with only a rear coaster brake and...
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    Thanks.. had to work, so not really. ;)

    Thanks.. had to work, so not really. ;)
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    Thank you :)

    Thank you :)
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    safety vest

    It's surprising how much farther away a blinking light is noticable from than a "steady" light is. I have a pant-leg wrap strap that has red LEDs in it that blinks across the back of the beast's rear basket, and a "be seen" front light that blinks as well.
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    stupid old people (again)

    There are times I find myself saying, "Why am I here?"... Not in an existential sense... just why the heck am I in this room? I needed something or was thinking about something when I was in the other room...
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    Lack of power and speed can anyone help?

    I'd go over all the openings in it with a set of files or a rotary tool and make sure they're all nice and neat, with no left over burrs or crap around the holes first. Make sure you do a good clean-out afterwards so there's no flecks of debris for the engine to pull back into itself.
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    this rig is cool no matter who built it

    I think the original intent behind them was to have soldiers parachute in with them, then assemble them and cross what ever terrain they had to. A lot of odd or curious things like this came out of the "war time" minds (and still do), and often just don't work out or arrive too late to be used...
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    Bike trailers

    That's a neat idea. I keep an eye on the local Craig's List for bike trailers, always on the look out for ideas (or a good deal).. Here's one that's been listed for a few months.. out of my range, and not truly useful for me anyway, but he's come down $50 on the price in the last 2 months:
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    safety vest

    I've been a fan of the vest for a while. Living here in the lower mainland, I consider it required because we have so many immigrant, poor and bad drivers here, many of whom range from really bad to absolutely incompetent in skill level (but don't worry, they can bribe the officials at the...
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    My bike

    Glad you got it back. The next step is going over it with a fine-toothed comb making sure it didn't suffer at all due to ignorance or the rain.
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    Chain not stayig on sprocket

    By the way, is your sprocket centered on the hub and 'true' to the wheel? Is the gap between the teeth and the spokes consistent all the way around? Those two issues can also cause problems.
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    Lack of power and speed can anyone help?

    If it's a gunk-based blockage, brake cleaner is good stuff. I rinse pipes out with it whenever they're off the bikes, and use it as a parts rinse/cleaner other times. Is it one of the pipes with a nut on the end, so you can pull it apart? I've had a few different pipes apart. They vary a...
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    Chain not stayig on sprocket

    Look at it from the back, looking along the top of the drive chain (and throw us a pic if you can). How's the path look? If the chain has to track 'sideways' by more than (someone will chime in with a real number, I'm guessing off the top of my head and going to say about) 3/8" to 1/2" to...
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    Lack of power and speed can anyone help?

    Have you tried to clear the blockage in that muffler? Just curious as to what is/was causing it to be blocked. The only other thing that came to mind for me would be if the top of the piston connected with the bottom of the plug and "kicked" it out, but you'd see signs of it (impact damage on...
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    Paint inside the cylinder

    Thanks for the idea and your input.. I'll keep it 'on file' in the back of my head for future reference. I haven't got any on the shelf just now, but odds are one of my neighbours does... he rebuilds classic/60's Mustangs.. if there's anything I need, he likely has it or a work-around for it.