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    Where is Pirate?

    Cont. Due to lack of cell phone bit/byte availability: anyway, it certainly grabbed my attention. Though I wish it didn't due to the fact that w/ every new web page I download, on this crappy virgin mobile network, it takes up to 5 minutes. Sometimes longer. So go walk the plank. (just kidding)
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    Where is Pirate?

    Pirate has been nothing short of wonderful for me. I've used them a couple of times. First time was a replacement carb for my flying horse(stolen).Last time was for vibration dampeners for my headache(GT5 SkHk). Last time should have been for a billet head & intake but I can't get the motor...
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    Lack of head compression?

    So i've been thinking about my dead gt5 skyhawk slant for a looong time. Been outta state for 6 weeks. Back now. What i notice is that there isn't any ('swoosh, pop. Swoosh, pop.') compression (no,not combustion) sound as the piston goes up and down. That sound was definately there w/my old...
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    Inside the 2010 Grubee Skyhawk CNS Carb

    Can rtv clear be used instead of black? Or is it a 'gas thang' and I didn't understand? Also, good to know that white plastic ring is supposed to be one piece. Mine is in three. I'll have to contact gasbike about that. Bike has been sitting since I bought it in Oct-Nov, though I was out of state...
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    **** lo

    I've primarily joined this site because it had more info on the infameous CNS carbs than the "other" site I use. Although I had not used/seen the site until a few days ago I like that it appears less puritanical in it's censorship dealing w/expression. Not that I don't like my original home...