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  • Hi im also from sacramento and just now getting into motorized bicycles. Do you know what bramd of tje 2 stroke engine kits are the most reliable and the best? And what brand can I get the best top.speed or how do I get it to go 30-40mph?
    It is nice, but nobody would see it. My headlamp would cover it up. I thought about a nice head badge but it would be totally blocked.
    I have a sweet indian headbadge on eBay ending in 4 hours. I paid 80 plus shipping for it. I have it at 50 and there a few watchers. Someone will most likely snag it for the 50 with a few seconds left. If I'm going to loose $30 I'd rather it go to you if you are interested. eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices
    Hey man, nice to see another MaBer in the Sacramento area. Hope we can cruise sometime. I'm in Rocklin.
    Ah, that's cheating! You need to do it yourself Lol. If I were to make one just like mine it would be around $5k
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