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    "1912 Ceruleum" Boardtracker

    hey thanks everyone for being so stoked on it...ill try to get some more pics up as soon as terrible with computers so it may take a while...i really want to get a video up as well because that will give everyone a better feel of what its like
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    "1912 Ceruleum" Boardtracker

    funny you noticed that...about the drive set up...there was actually no drive chain on it when those pictures were taken...i was riding it on the back farm roads to the next town and the drive chain i figured i would pull over and snap some pics..and put a few new links in...the...
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    "1912 Ceruleum" Boardtracker

    @wheelbender6 - I made it..its just a bolt on piece with fake overhead valves/valve springs and push make it look like an old OHV engine..i wish the real motors werent $10,000 or more or I`d use one of them..haha
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    "1912 Ceruleum" Boardtracker

    @harry76 - the "alloy filler panel" I made was meant to emulate the bottom end of an old how the harley knuckleads are....I never got around to putting more bolts through it and ribbing it to make it more realistic looking its not a stock piece..its hand made...1/4 inch...
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    "1912 Ceruleum" Boardtracker

    I built this bike over a few months in my sparetime. I extended the frame 4 inches, and made the bottom loop and gusseted the frame. Made the forks, seat, tank and bars from scratch, along with pretty much everything else you see. The paint was aged with scuff pads, shoe polish and muriatic...
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    Albitre replica

    very...very that makes it official...the next bike is going to be made with one of those motors
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    1904 Indian replica

    that thing is radd...i love that tank...its really close to the original
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    mmmnehh...motored bikes

    greetings from Canada........uhh....I`ve been scoping this site for a while now..and I figured why not, I`ll just join. I`ve built a few choppers and `69 Chevelle...these bikes are just a fun way to get the the liquor store and around town. In a few weeks I`ll have my latest build done and I`ll...
  9. a motorcycle I built

    a motorcycle I built

  10. the frame  and seat pan for my new motorized bicycle

    the frame and seat pan for my new motorized bicycle