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    Air leak???

    how much for the boost bottle? selling it? thx
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    For Sale Nanaimo but will ship

    awesome build.... Im more into the ghetto bike look but that is fun looking mtrted bike!! How does it handle two people? enough power... may wear on clutch abit...
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    A shifter kit?

    check out the right side chain tensioner... lol. it is bullet proof... not pretty
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    A shifter kit?

    ... by setting up the gears to limit how close the chains get... it feels safer at high speeds... this bike has a 3rd sprocket 32 teeth and a smaller dia back wheel... it launches off the line!!
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    A shifter kit?

    sbp shift kits are awesome... I did the same. kept the chains away from each other... I ride off road with no grief
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    My home built frame suspension bike gets color!

    great off rd video.... wish I could see pics of the build?!! nothing is showing on the forum site