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  • Hey Briggs, okay I went and ordered a pirate cycles hub adapter, and a coaster brake hub. all that for a "true" sprocket alignment. got a shaft coming tomorrow wed.. I'm going to be using a 22mm mikuni carb, stock muff for now, just a few more welds, and it'll be ready to figure out a jackshaft. I wanted to wait for the rear wheel parts to find my line for the chain. installed it today, now if my other parts show up for the jackshaft, I'll need MAJOR help in location for it. I've seen a bunch of different types, but I want a clean setup for now. (comet later) this is where your knowledge and experience is gonna speed my process up! I would like to go(at least) to the race at Grange! have you any pictures of your jackshaft, if any, that you've built? that's the last piece... ohhhh so close! peace,H.
    I think I got the message thing figured out. anyhow, this is way too slow, could you give me a call? my number is 714 931 9921. I've got my engine mounted, and can't find a suitable trans. Cent. clutch seems okay. still need a jackshaft to line up rear drive. big problem with rear spocket, I have a nexus 4 spd hub, and its big, w/ a drum brk. no adapters, what can I do???
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