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  • need help creating a thread here on I am used to the create new thread option being there but I dont see one on here. I tried contacting the people who run this sight about this but they never seem to respond.
    Hey B I got a question about idler wheel adjustments. What do you think the idler should be adjusted to? I plan on getting a new idler wheel next week and a new drive chain. Also what type of tool should i get to remove links? my dad just grind stoned off the head of the pin but next time I want to try it on my own with the right tool.
    Hey Bobaganoosh! I am the member from A.T.S. who you talked to recently. My username there is paranormal78. What got me into motorized bicycles is how legal they are in most states! No drivers license, no insurance, or registration no headaches from the D.M.V! Motorized bicycles are the only thing with a gas engine that saves us from the **** that is the D.M.V. I am glad no one stepped in to ruin this kind of driving fun. I have tried to get my license before finding out about motor bicycles. So i said **** it I'm getting one and dropping the driving thing at least for now. But i might get my motorcycle license first.
    Write me and keep in touch about your motor bicycling endeavors. It's great fun... May God Bless You

    It is ambiguous as to what is legal here in Texas, that's why when we filed for the Non-Profit Texas Corporation we filed under the name TEXAS LEGAL MOTOR BIKE ASSOCIATION. The one uniting issue that could possibly bring about legislation that would at least Decriminalize Motorized Bikes for sure. I've never been stopped by Law Enforcement... Then again, they do what they want when they want, see previous mention I made about dirt bike cops... that's right, no plates, license or insurance!!! Weed eater engines are just too small and they know it, so we dance around while they try and make folks either pay for mopeds they list or get together a Association that can be listed as a Texas Manufacturer who can then varify compliance. Then hop it up -Lonnie McVaigh, Founder-
    My Panama Jack just failed ysterday.
    Take a look at the pics in the tread, check yours over for signs of stress in the same area.
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